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Selectmen's Meeting Minutes01/07/04
                               January 7, 2004

Selectmen Present:  Mrs. Knight and Mr. Clukey
Selectmen Absent:  Mrs. Silverman

At 7:00 p.m. Mrs. Knight opened the meeting.


***     DECIDE SELECTMAN TO ATTEND ZBA MEETING JANUARY 13TH :  Mrs. Silverman will not be in town for this meeting.  Mrs. Knight will attend.  

***     REVIEW/SIGN PROPOSAL FROM NH FIRE PROTECTION TO PRESSURE TEST AND FLUSH SPRINKLER PIPES:  They have submitted a proposal for the completion of the pressure test.    The board signed this proposal.  Mrs. Thompson stated that she and Mr. Cuomo reviewed the total cost and feel that we will be within budget for this project.  The first floor, basement and the tower have been completed.       

***     REVIEW COPY OF LETTER FROM SHELDON SPECTOR:  Attorney Prigge forwarded a letter that Mr. Spector wrote to his attorney and faxed to him with regard to Woodbrook.

***     UPDATE ON ZONING VIOLATION AND GENERAL ASSISTANCE ISSUE:  Mrs. Thompson spoke with Tom Mullins and he stated that our next step would be to file a motion for order with the courts.  We need to notice the landowner which Mrs. Thompson has drafted a letter.
                        The issue regarding the mortgage holder and the person living in the house is a civil issue.  Once the mortgage holder had that check in their possession it was up to them to do with what they wished with the check.  Them signing the money over to the tenant should have been credited to his account by them.  We can deny further assistance by the recipient taking the money.           



***     2004 BUDGET – 2004 CAPITAL PROJECTS:  The board reviewed the proposed capital projects for next year.    They will carry forward the money left from the road projects for this year to next year since the Holman Road project will be very costly.  We received a quote for $1000 for the refinishing of the wood floor in the lower hall.  Mrs. Thompson will contact this individual for a quote for the upstairs hall.   We will put the money for the revaluation of property under the operating budget.  

                        The board will review police, animal control, cemetery, fire, ambulance and welfare during the meeting on the 14th .  
                         Warrant Articles – CIP committee, close ski revenue account, town clerk tax collector, vote to accept fees, land use change increase,   
                            At 7:55 PM, Mr. Clukey made a motion to go into Non-Public Session
                        under RSA 91 A:3 II  (a). Mrs. Knight seconded the motion. The  
                        motion passed 2-0.  Roll  Call Vote;   Mr. Clukey – yes, Mrs. Knight –
                         At 8:00 pm. Mr. Clukey made a motion to go out of Non-Public Session
                        under RSA 91 A:3 II  (a). Mrs. Knight seconded the motion. The
                        motion passed 2-0.

***                  TOWN HALL RENTAL:   Mrs. Knight would like to review the town hall policy prior to meeting with the Historic Fitzwilliam Economic Development Committee .  If we do allow them to use the Town Hall we may need to come up with a fee for cleaning.  

·       Various committee/board minutes
·       Newsletters
·       Review Police logs/reports

·       Minutes
·       Correspondence
·       Payroll and Accounts Payable Manifests

There being no further business, at 9:04 PM, Mrs. Knight made a motion to adjourn.  Mr. Clukey seconded and the motion passed 2-0.

Submitted by:
Debbie Favreau
Administrative Assistant       

                                                                        Joan Knight, Chairman
                                                        Andrew Clukey
                                                        Board of Selectmen

13 Templeton Turnpike, PO Box 725 Fitzwilliam, NH 03447
Phone: 603.585.7723   Fax: 603.585.7744
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