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Selectmen's Meeting Minutes02/04/04
                               February 4, 2004

Selectmen Present:  Mrs. Knight, Mrs. Silverman and Mr. Clukey

At 7:00pm, Mrs. Knight opened the meeting.


***     DISCUSS LETTER FROM DES REGARDING NONPOINT SOURCE LOCAL INITIATIVE GRANT:  Our proposal was not selected for funding.   Mrs. Silverman does not feel that we should pursue this any further since our sewer committee is no longer continuing the study of this system.   

***     REVIEW INFORMATION REGARDING HAZARDOUS MITIGATION GRANT PROJECT:  We need to form a committee to work on this.  Southwest Region Planning Commission suggests a member of the Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, Conservation Commision,  Historic District,  Code Enforcement, Road Agent, Police Chief, Health Officers, fires chief members of the community, member of the school board, member of the business community.  They suggest we send a letter to people asking if they would be interested in being on this committee.   The board will ask the Road Agent, planning, historic district, Laurel Lake Association, BOS, Conservation Commission, emergency management

***     REVIEW BUILDING PERMIT TAX MAP 25 LOT 08:  This permit is from Bernard Feldman.  The board would like Code Enforcement Officer Warren Hall to inspect this property to get the footprint of the existing porch.

***             REVIEW BUILDING PERMIT TAX MAP 32 LOT 03:  This is from
                         the Trinity Baptist Church.  They would like to move the sign from the
                         building on    road, to the church on Rt. 119.  The board approved this                    

***     REVIEW LETTER FROM SHERIFF’S DEPT.:  This is a memo from the Sheriff’s Department with regard to there may be times when there are not any troopers at Troop C available for coverage.

                           At 7:23 PM, Mr. Clukey made a motion to go into Non-Public Session
                        under RSA 91 A:3 II  (a). Mrs. Knight seconded the motion. The  
                        motion passed 3-0.  Roll  Call Vote;   Mr. Clukey – yes, Mrs. Knight –
                        yes, Mrs. Silverman - yes.
                         At 7:28 pm. Mr. Clukey made a motion to go out of Non-Public Session
                        under RSA 91 A:3 II  (a). Mrs. Knight seconded the motion. The
                        motion passed 3-0.

***     DISCUSS ZONING VIOLATION TAX MAP 08 LOT 24:  Warren Hall submitted a written notification that there has been a mobile home place on this property.  There is already a house on this property.  The board will send a letter to the owner of the property, stating that this must be removed, or relief must be sought from the ZBA.  Mrs. Knight feels that we must verify that this is not being used for storage.  Mrs. Silverman would like to write stating that it has come to our attention that there is a mobile home on this property.  If this is going to be placed on the property proper permits must be obtained. If he plans to inhabit this, permits from the ZBA would be required.  We would like to here from him within the week.         

***                  SCHOOL:  Shiela from Emerson School called and stated that the school has an understanding that that they will move the children to the Town Hall in case of evacuation.  The board was not aware of this.  Mrs. Silverman would like to speak with Winston Wright with regard to this.  The board would like to know under what circumstances they would bring the students here.       

***     2004 BUDGET – 2004 CAPITAL PROJECTS:  The board reviewed the cuts the budget committee made to the budget.  
                         The budget that Chief Newton submitted to the Budget Committee contained errors.  He submitted another budget to the Budget Committee.  The Budget Committee will need to review.   They cut out the sprinkler pipes painting, purchasing a new truck for the Highway Department, carpet at the Depot Station.   They also cut the money for the gutters for the roof at the pole barn.  They cut out all of the money for the revaluation.  Mrs. Knight feels that the revaluation is very important.  She feels that we should cut out the money for painting the tower in place of this.  Mrs. Silverman suggested that we put the article for the revaluation before the tower painting and at town meeting make a statement that we would like to cut out the tower painting and approve the revaluation.  The Public Safety Garage they are recommending $10,000.  They reduced Pine Grove to $15,000.  The board would like to recommend $15,000 for the town hall painting Capital Reserve, and   Highway Capital reserve at $10,000.  The board will recommend $10,000 for the Ballfield expendable trust.    The selectmen will change the reval line to $9000     
                        Mrs. Silverman is concerned the Board of  Selectmen administers the budget, yet the Budget Committee made all of these cuts.  Mrs. Knight feels that the Budget Committee should meet quarterly and we provide them with the figures of what has been spent on each department throughout the year.  

                        Warrant:  highway, paving, pole barn roof, ski ,  revaluation, capital reserve after projects. Public safety, ballfield, gear, ambulance, etc.                        

·       Various committee/board minutes
·       Newsletters
·       Review Police logs/reports

·       Minutes
·       Correspondence
·       Payroll and Accounts Payable Manifests

There being no further business, at 8:50 PM, Mrs. Knight made a motion to adjourn.  Mr. Clukey seconded and the motion passed 3-0.

Submitted by:
Debbie Favreau
Administrative Assistant       

                                                                        Joan Knight, Chairman
                                                                                   Susan Silverman
                                                        Andrew Clukey
                                                        Board of Selectmen

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