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Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 11/14/05
November 14 2005

Selectmen Present:   Mr. Clukey, and Mrs. Knight

Mrs. Knight convened the meeting at 8:00 am.  


***     DISCUSS LETTER FROM MARGARET NELSON:  Mrs. Knight opened the meeting
She stated in an effort to get information and to be open and fair she would be willing to meet with Ms. Nelson and some representatives.  She would like to have the information they are referring to no later then 2:00 Tuesday.   Mrs. Knight stated that the meeting would be open, but she is requesting that we discuss the specifics.  Mr. Clukey stated that the longer we prolong this process the longer the tax bills are delayed.  Mr. Clukey stated that he is willing to have one more meeting, but he feels that we need to be responsible to the other taxpayers.  Mrs. Knight moved to contact attorney Nelson to arrange a meeting for Wednesday with the stipulation that we have the other material by Tuesday.  We would like a limited number of members to present this information, Mr. Clukey seconded.  The motion passed 2-0.  

Ahsley Fletcher stated that it is ironic that they are requesting the data spreadsheets so that they can look at the information, when they wanted the information on their tax cards they were told it was not available.  

The meeting will be scheduled for 6:30 Wednesday evening.  

Mr. Clukey stated that he would like to take a vote after this meeting with regard to accepting the values from Vision.  

Mrs. Knight asked Mrs. Thompson if she figured in surplus when she estimated the tax rate.  She stated that she did not.  Mrs. Knight explained the process for setting the tax rate.  

Matt Buonomano questioned how abatement works.  He questioned if it is the town’s full responsibility to refund the School and County portion.  Mrs. Knight stated that it is.

Budget:  The Budget Committee is questioning if there are any expenditures against emergency management and how much would it cost to contract with a vendor to run the Transfer Station.

Resignation of Margo:   Mrs. Knight stated that the board will discuss this issue at Wednesdays meeting.  Mrs. Best resigned due to personal reason.  She did not feel she could put in the time due to her personal and business life.  This has been a very stressful time and the board respects her decision.  

·       Various committee/board minutes
·       Newsletters
·       Review Police logs/reports

·       Minutes
·       Correspondence
·       Payroll and Accounts Payable Manifests

There being no further business, at 8:20 AM Mrs. Knight made a motion to adjourn.  Mr. Clukey seconded and the motion passed 2-0.