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Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 05/17/06
May 17, 2006

Selectmen Present:  Andrew Clukey, Chmn., Thomas Parker, & Michael Methe

Chairman Andrew Clukey opened the meeting at 7:00 PM.  


7: 00    MEET WITH MR. SHERMAN:  Mr. Sherman stated that he is still having a problem with the neighbor’s chickens
            and roosters coming into his yard.   Mr. Parker questioned what has been done with regard to this.  We sent a
            letter with a deadline of April 30, 2006 to contain these animals.  Mr. Sweeney visited the site, there is a fenced in
            area.    Mrs. Thompson received a call from Mr. Sherman that the chickens are still getting in his yard.  Mrs.
           Thompson drafted another letter with regard to this matter for the board signature.  Mr. Parker stated that this letter
           gives them until May 30 to put a proper fence up, or we will be forced to take this to court.         

7:30    MEET WITH ARNIE FILIPI – SIGN FOR CLUSTER DEVELOPMENT:    Mr. Filipi stated that  he was reading the
             regulations and is under the understanding that signs for this development do not require a permit.  The board
             confirmed this.  One sign no greater than 30 square feet, identifying the owner, contractor, architect or developer
             can be erected fourteen days before construction begins and removed within thirty day of completion.      

8:00    MEET WITH BILL PRIGGE:  Mr. Methe questioned what will happen to the old portables.   Chief Prigge stated
             that the mobiles have been installed.  We have been approved for 26 for the fire and 5 for the ambulance for
             portables.   Chief Prigge said that some of the radios on the trucks were purchased by the association.  Chief
             Prigge does not know what they are going to do with the new or the old portables and what individuals are going
             to be issued a radio.   Mr. Parker questioned if any of the old portables could be used by the Highway
             Department.  Chief Prigge stated that the problem is there may not be service without a repeater.  Chief Prigge
             will let the board know what there procedure will be.  Mr. Methe stated that the reason this issue came up is that
             he heard there was a problem in the past that town mobiles ended up on personal vehicles.  Chief Prigge stated
             that he was not aware of this, to his knowledge the only people that have radios are officers.            

***     UPDATE ON MEETING AT SCHOOL LAST NIGHT:  Mr. Methe stated that this was a very productive
             meeting.  There was a representative from Verizon.   He stated that if they can put an addition on the building
             they could expand and offer broadband.

***     UPDATE ON PLANNING BOARD MEETING LAST NIGHT: Mr. Parker stated that Andrew Walters met with the
             board.  Terry Silverman explained that the Planning Board was incorrect in putting a site plan review on a
             subdivision.     The remaining lots in this subdivision will not be subject to site plan review.  Mrs. Thompson
             questioned if the board has to abide by the covenants in the deed.  Mr. Parker stated that this is between the
             land owner and the purchaser.  We cannot enforce all covenants in deeds.  We approve permits based upon our
             Mrs. Colburn and Mr. Dwinell have stated that they are going to sue over the Patel issue.  The Planning Board
             would like to have an attorney represent the town under Mr. Patel.   Mr. Parker does not want to hire an attorney
             until a case has been filed.  He stated that all attorneys need to be approved the Board of Selectmen.                

***     REMOVE LAND FROM CURRENT USE – TAX MAP 12 LOT 07-02:  Mr. Parker feels that the total out of
             current use will be 2 acres.    We need to look into this assessment.

***     NEWSLETTER ARTICLES:    The animal ordinance, keeping items out of the road right of way.  Mr. Parker
             would like to put an article with regard to the status of abatements.      

***     CURRENT USE APPLICATIONS:  The board reviewed the following Current Use applications
                    Donald & Louis Ray – They have applied for stewardship, they have not submitted a plan.  The board will
                     send a letter stating that they are not eligible and will have to reapply correctly.
                     Bazley:  Map 17 lot 05-05 - approved
                    Jarvis : Map 07 lot 10, and Map 07 lot 09 - approved   
                     Reed : Map 07 lot 27-01 - approved
                    Tommila  Map 14 lot 25 and Map 14, lot 37 - approved
                    Trustee & Investor: Map 31 lot 12 :  Mr. Methe feels there are buildings where they show out of  current
                     use.   We will send a letter.
                     Curtis : Map 11 lot 13-02 - approved
                    Jessen &  Hornwalt:  Map 12 lot 32-01 &  Map12 lot 31 - approved  
                     Cabot Trust : Map 12 lot 38, Map 12, Lot 38-01, Map 12 Lot39 - approved
                    Tolton : Map 09 lot12 -approved
                    Damon: Map 04, lot 74 & Map 08 lot 41 & Map 04 lot 34 - approved


***     REVIEW INVOICE FROM ORR & RENO:  Mr. Parker moved to approve, Mr. Methe seconded.  The motion
             passed 3-0.

***     REVIEW CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER’S REPORT TAX MAP 03 LOT 31-05:  According to the report there
             is a  travel trailer which they are going to live in while building a house.  They will be pulling the mobile home off.  
             There is another travel trailer that is occasionally occupied on weekends.    


***     CHARTIBLE ORGANIZATION FINANCIAL STATEMENT:  Reviewed this has been denied


***         RECREATION:  Mr. Parker stated that we had asked Mrs. Stark to give the board a figure of what it costs  to run
              the summer recreation program.    From speaking with Mrs. Stark he feels that it is going to cost quite a lot for
              each child for this program.  He does not feel that the Town should subsidize children from other towns.   

               Mr. Parker feels that we need to look at some of these recreation programs and see how much they are costing          
               the town and how much use each program is getting.  Mr. Parker feels that the ski program is a very expensive
               program and he is not sure how much participation there is.  Mr. Clukey feels that we should meet with the
               recreation commission to discuss these programs.  Mrs. Thompson stated that there is a new dance program in
               town for children which seems to be very successful.     

***          Mr. Parker stated that he understands Mrs. Thompson met with some people for ongoing issues in town this
              week, he would like a report.  Mrs. Thompson stated that Jim Gibney stopped in to touch base, he did not have
              an appointment.  Jim Bassett called yesterday he was in court in Keene with regard to the radio tower issue, he
              called to see if someone could visit the site with him, Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Gillis accompanied him.  She
              contacted Dave Arnold with regard to the questions the board has with regard to assessment issues.

***          ZBA APPOINTMENT:   Mr. Parker feels that we need to get alternates.  Mr. Parker moved to appoint Jack Ernst
              and Mat Buonomano to these positions.  We will appoint Steve Filipi as a full member.  We will not be renewing
 Mr. Goldknoph’s appointment.  Mrs. Thompson will send him a letter.  Mr. Methe stated that he has a call in to Mary   
              Jo Yon to see if she is interested in serving on this board.  Mr. Methe seconded, the motion passed 3-0.

***            TAX MAP UPDATES:  Mr. Parker questioned when we are going to update these. Mrs. Thompson stated that              
                we have all of the subdivision maps together.   We are working on assessment information to get tax bills out
                next week.

***             SIGNS:  Mr. Parker questioned the status of the signs.  Mr. Parker questioned why the Code Enforcement
                 Officer is not looking at these.  Mrs. Thompson does not feel that Code Enforcement Officer thought he was
                  supposed to determine this he took the pictures, and thought the board would review.        
***              AMBULANCE COMMITTEE:   They had individuals from Troy discuss how their service runs.  Their revenues
                  are to the point where they are putting money away for future purchases.   It was a very productive meeting.   
                  Word has it that if the town goes to a paid service, there will be members that will resign, including Ms. Carney.  
                  Mr. Methe feels that we should look into the cost to have Diluzzio handle the service for the town.        

·       Various committee/board minutes
·       Newsletters
·       Review Police logs/reports

·       Minutes
·       Correspondence
·       Payroll and Accounts Payable Manifests

There being no further business Mr. Methe  moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:05 PM, Mr. Parker seconded, the motion passed 3-0.  

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