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Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 10/17/06
October 17, 2006

Selectmen Present:   Thomas Parker, Chmn., Michael Methe   & Carmen Yon

Chairman Parker opened the meeting at 9:05 am


·       Hiring basketball “director”:  Mrs. Stark stated that the recreation commission feels that they should hire someone to administer the basketball program.  She has found that using just volunteers is a lot of work and feels that we need to hire someone to oversee this.  Mr. Parker questioned if we have money to cover this cost.  Mrs. Stark stated that we would use the recreation revolving fund, they bring in more money for this program then they spend.  Mrs. Stark questioned if they would have to hire the individual as an employee.  Mr. Parker stated that we would.  Mr. Methe questioned how many people participate in this program.  Mrs. Stark stated about 100, he questioned if they are all from Fitzwilliam.  Mrs. Stark stated that it also includes the town of Troy.  Mr. Methe stated that he has a problem with funding these programs for joint towns with the Town of Fitzwilliam funds.    Mr. Parker stated that it is important to have these recreation programs.  Mr. Parker is concerned that the board has not heard anything from the recreation commission.  He would like to meet with the commission.  He feels that the total recreation program needs to be reviewed.   Mr. Parker stated that we would have to hire this individual as an employee and pay them on a salaried basis.  Mr. Methe stated that in his opinion he would put the responsibility on the parents for the running of these programs.  Mr. Yon stated that if they need a director and have the funds, then he is in favor of this.  Mr. Parker would like to meet with the entire commission to discuss recreation.  Mr. Parker stated that he would agree to the commission hiring an individual for the running of the basketball program.  Mrs. Stark stated that she feels that this person would work a minimum of 50 hours.   Mrs. Stark questioned the salary.  Mr. Parker stated that she needs to discuss this with the recreation commission.  

Mrs. Stark submitted the forms to the board that they use for volunteers and background checks for the board to review.            

·       Determine set up of upper hall – voting booths:  The handicap booth will be set up on the floor and three booths will be set up on the stage.   Mr. Methe stated that he will give a history of the events.  Mr. Methe stated that he spoke with one individual yesterday and was told that he could not go along with this, he feels that the conservation commission will try to take this over.  Mr. Yon stated that he received a call from Carlotta Lilback stating that she would be making an amendment stating that the only thing that will be allowed to be sold is the house and the barn.  Mr. Yon stated that he feels that if this amendment passes, the board needs to make it clear that nothing can be done to this property without a vote from the town.  Mr. Parker stated that this would be the case no matter what.     Northway Bank has agreed to write the note for interest only for the first two years with locking  in the rate at the beginning.       

***             PERSONNEL -  NON-PUBLIC:
                         Mr. Parker gave a copy of this letter to Eleanor  Vanderheygan.  Mr. Parker stated that if they are
                          advertising land on Rockwood Pond this is not correct.  Mr. Parker stated that his concern would be that
                          an intent be filed if they are going to cut timber.         

***             LETTER FROM CAROL MURRAY – DOT:  Reviewed

***             EMAIL FROM TOM WARNER – SET UP MEETING REGARDING REVERSE 911:  There is no extra
                         work for this since we have to provide the numbers to the school district.  Mr. Parker stated that he does
                         have some reservations with regard to this system.  He does not have confidence that people will be
                         receiving the message.   Mrs. Thompson will schedule a meeting with Tom Warner to meet with the board.

                                         Location:  excellent, access good,
                                         size sale:  poor
                                         quality:  average

***             BUILDING PERMITS
·       Tax Map 25 Lot 10:  approved
·       Tax Map 07 Lot 07-12:  approved
·       Tax Map 15 Lot 03-05:  approved

***             DANIEL BAKER’S RESIGNATION FROM ZBA:  Mr. Methe moved to accept and send a letter of thanks,
                          the motion was passed by Carmen Yon, the motion was passed 3-0.

                         recommendation. The ZBA has not voted to recommend this individual yet.  

***             COL – DECIDE FOR 2007 BUDGET:  The cost of living increase for the northeast is 4.5%.  The board
                         will review this.  

***             TOWER LITIGATION UPDATE:  Mr. Wendell conducted his transition test, according to his results he
                          meets the 80% coverage for Jaffrey.   Mr. Methe stated that he has heard from Saga if Wendell is allowed
                          300’, then they should be allowed 300’

***             FILINGS WITH BTLA:  The board will review
·       Tax Map 03 Lot 20
·       Tax Map 24 Lot 08-01

***                      TAX RETATE:  The school is all set to go, we have to wait until after this evenings meeting.    Mrs. Thompson spoke with Sandra Rourke and she will try to get here next week.  

***                       NEWSLETTER ARTICLES:  There will be an article on the special town meeting, one on the assessment.  

****                      VISISON:  We need to discuss their liability under the contract to defend what they did.   Jim Morris from
                           Orr & Reno indicated that he does not feel that Vision should be charging the town for the additional
                           information in the manual, since it was court ordered that they provide this information.                   

***                       POLICE:  The board needs to review the operational plan submitted by Chief Newton and determine  
                           what part of this plan we are going to implement.    Mr. Parker feels that they need to address what the  
                           board expects with regard to police presence at community events.  They also need to determine what
                           should be special detail.

***                       Town Hall:  Mr. Parker would like to proceed with the insulation for the upper hall, get going on sill work

·       Various committee/board minutes
·       Newsletters
·       Review Police logs/reports

·       Minutes
·       Correspondence

·       Payroll and Accounts Payable Manifests

Mr. Yon moved to adjourn at 10:48 am, the motion was seconded by Mr. Parker, the motion passed 3-0.

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