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Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 11/08/06
November 8, 2006

Selectmen Present:   Thomas Parker, Chmn. , Michael Methe & Carmen Yon

Chairman Thomas Parker opened the meeting at 9:10 AM.  


9:00            MEET WITH GENE CUOMO, ROAD AGENT:  Mr. Cuomo did not attend this meeting.

9:40            MEET WITH ARNIE FILIPI
·       STREET NAME:  Mr. Methe stated that he is the one that brought up the name of the road as Fish Pond Lane.  He stated that he feels that the name of the roads should refer to what the lot has always been named and this has always been named fishpond lot.  Mr. Parker stated that this is a private road.  Mr. Methe questioned then why are we requiring it be built to town specs.  Mr. Parker stated that this was a requirement of the Planning Board.  Mr. Parker stated that this was before any of the Selectmen were on the board, but he feels this should have been discussed with the Selectmen.  Mr. Parker stated that the issue is if the board has the authority to require a specific name on a private road.   Mr. Parker stated that the town has a policy to not name a road after a person.  Mr. Methe feels that if the board has the authority to name the road, then he feels that we should stay with Fish Pond Lane, Mr. Yon agreed.   Mr. Filipi referred to RSA 231:133.  This indicates that if the town did not lay out the street or accept it then the town cannot mandate a name.  If the town accepts it then the board has the authority to rename the road.  Mr. Filipi stated that Karl Lane has been recorded at the registry of deeds as the name.  The board agreed that since this is now a private road Mr. Filipi has the right to name the road as he wishes.

Mr. Filipi questioned current use.  He questioned if he will be charged the penalty tax when the permit is issued or when he actually starts construction.  Mr. Parker stated that when the lot no longer meets the criteria, then the change of use takes effect.   Mr. Parker feels that on these lots we should take the entire parcel out when the lot starts to be built on.  Mr. Methe stated that he is concerned that people do not always obtain permits.  He feels we need stricter enforcement of this issue.  Mr. Parker stated that the question here is when to take the land out of current use.   Mr. Parker feels that the use changes when they start construction.  Mr. Yon feels that on these lots we should take the entire parcel out when construction starts.                     

9:45            MEET WITH TOM WARNER, SAU
·       REVERSE 911:   Mr. Warner stated that Neil Moriarty submitted the warrant article as an individual.  The School Board supported this.  They will have the ability to set up individual town calling.  You can test this notification system.  Mr. Warner stated that he thought Neil Moriarty spoke with each town.  Mrs. Thompson stated that he did speak with the previous board. The difficulty they are finding is obtaining the phone numbers.  Mr. Parker feels another problem is the non-listed phone numbers.  Mr. Warner stated that they can put in multiple phone numbers and e-mail addresses to notify for one household.  This is all based on the assumption that there is an electronic list of phone numbers.  Mr. Parker stated that generally speaking there has been no need for the town to contact every resident, he is questioning if the town would ever use this system.  This would cost the town a lot of time and money to set it up.  Mr. Yon questioned if the town can join this at a later date?  Mr. Warner stated that he will find out the answer to that question.  Mr. Methe questioned if any other town has joined this.  Mr. Moriarty stated that not yet, Swanzey would like to join.  Mr. Methe and Mr. Yon stated that they are not in favor of utilizing this system.  Mrs. Thompson stated that Emergency Management has discussed the need to contact a certain group of the population this might be the type of system that could be utilized.    Mr. Parker questioned the cost to join.  Mr. Warner stated nothing.  We are allowed two calls, after that there would be a charge.                   
***                           Gretchen Whittenborg:    Mrs. Whittenborg came in and stated that she apologizes for the mistake  
                                she made as a Supervisor of the Checklist in taking names at the Special town meeting.  Mrs.
                                Whittenborg stated that she and Ashley Fletcher  believe that everyone in the town hall are working in
                                good faith.   Mr. Parker stated that the board received an e-mail from a resident questioning why
                               this was being done.  Mr. Parker stated that the board did not know why, that’s why they questioned
                                this procedure.  Mrs. Whittenborg stated that she handed in her resignation to Jane Roberts for the
                                ZBA, Mrs. Roberts refused to accept this.  Mr. Methe feels that there is a lot of distrust in this town of
                                the Selectmen office.  He feels that everyone in the office works for the best interest of the town.  The
                                board requested that Mrs. Whittenborg reconsider her resignation.  Mrs. Whittenborg stated she feels
                                that her motives are being questioned as to the decisions she is making on the ZBA.   Mr. Parker
                                stated that it is every person’s right to appeal.  He stated that we are moving forward.  The board has
                                been meeting with Vision.  The board feels that the ruling by the BTLA should be provided by Vision.  
                                Mr. Yon stated that he does not feel that there is any conflict with Mrs. Whittenborg’s involvement with
                                the appeal having any bearing on her position with the BTLA or the Supervisors.       Mrs. Thompson
                                stated that she knows first hand that peoples perception of what you are doing is not always reality
                               and you need to work ethically and let them know you have the best interests of the town in mind.

2007 BUDGET:  Chief Newton stated he needs to update the insurance line on his budget.  Mr. Parker questioned why Lenny Disalvo went to Concord for a class.  He stated that it was for alcohol certification.   
                           Mr. Parker questioned why we sent an officer to Troy to assist for their parade.  Chief Newton stated
                           this was a mutual aid assist.  They have helped for our Memorial Day parade in the past.

                          Chief Newton stated he believes Peter Florence is living in the trailer on Rt. 119.  Mrs. Thompson stated
                           he feels that he is still under an order from the court stating that the property cannot be inhabited due to
                           the waste disposal.    Chief Newton stated that he will monitor the property to determine if he is staying

                           Chris Anderson will be leaving this Friday.  Chief Newton will be advertising locally for a part time officer
                           and 20 hour week secretary.   Mr. Parker questioned when we can implement the change of schedule
                           discussed with Chief Newton.   Chief Newton stated that the problem is that he is down on personnel.  
                           Mr. Parker feels that we should implement this schedule change and see how it works.   Chief Newton
                           will inform the board with regard to this matter.              

***     TRANSFER STATION VETERAN’S DAY HOLIDAY:  The town designated has Friday November 10 for the Veterans Day holiday , the actual date of the holiday is Saturday which the Transfer Station is open.  Mr. Yon moved the transfer station holiday be on Saturday, Mr. Methe seconded, the motion passed 3-0.

***     SIGN PERMIT – MAP 34 LOT 27:   The board will turn this application down.  They exceed the limit for the amount of signs allowed.  They can add this to one of the board signs.  

***     ENFORCEMENT OF HISTORIC DISTRICT DECISION – MAP 34 LOT 06: The Historic District ruled that there could not be any advertising on the awning she installed.   Mrs. Gillis sent a letter to Mrs. Langor informing her of the commission decision.  The board will look at the awning.  The board viewed this sign, they do not feel this is a sign advertising.    

MAP 17 LOT 04:  Mr. Parker will look at
MAP 12 LOT 32-04:  Mr. Parker will look at

***             INVOICES
MONADNOCK CONSERVANCY:  Mr. Parker would like to meet with the Conservation Commission to discuss this.  Mr. Parker would like to know when it was decided to spend this money, since the board indicated that they were not in favor of this.   
DEVINE MILLIMET:  This is for the bond bank for the Hancock property.   Mrs. Thompson reviewed the engagement letter.  It stated that there would be no charge if the bond did not pass.  They indicated that this required much more research then was normal.   Mr. Methe does not feel that we should pay this bill.  Mr. Methe moved to not pay this bill, Mr. Yon seconded, the motion passed 3-0.     
ORR & RENO/JAMES HOBSON: $2575.75.  Mr. Yon moved to approve, Mr. Methe seconded, the motion passed 3-0.  Mr. Parker would like an accounting of how money we have spent on the tower issue.   

MRS. KLEIN’S DONATION TO THE VILLAGE CEMETERY:  They would like to have the wording removed from the back of these signs.   Mr. Parker is concerned that the cemetery commissioners have not responded to her inquiries.  Mrs. Thompson will draft a letter acknowledging that we have passed this to the cemetery commissioners and enclose an accounting of what was spent.   


***             HEALTH OFFICER’S EMAIL REGARDING DEPUTY HEALTH OFFICER:  Mrs. Carney indicates that
                         in the past she has asked a person to step in, in her absence.  Mr. Parker feels that if we have a deputy in
                         place then we would have someone available in the case of her absence.     

***             CHESHIRE COUNTY TAX/INVOICE:  This is $486,491 for the county payment.   Mr. Parker would like a
                          newsletter article with regard to how much we are spending on the county.  


***             TRANSFERS:  Reviewed

                          would like to write a letter to Mrs. Korjeff stating that we have information from fish and game, we will
                          send her a copy of this information.

***             CONFERENCES:

***                      Mr. Methe stated that he feels comments were made that the present board is trying to make the previous
                          board look bad.  He feels that we should have a newsletter article stating that we are working with Vision.  
                          Mr. Parker was planning on drafting a newsletter article with where we are heading.  Part of it the BTLA
                          has asked for.             

***                      Mr. Parker would like to schedule a date to meet with the recreation commission.  Mr. Parker feels that
                          some of the programs should be held at the school.  Mrs. Thompson stated that Mrs. Stark has tried to
                          schedule some of these programs and has had a very hard time finding times to schedule events.  Mr.
                          Parker suggested the VFW be contacted to see if they can accommodate some of these programs.     

***                      BUDGET:     

***                      DAMON:  Mr. Parker would like to review the other barns that are under this.  

***                      HAROLD RAITTO:  The board viewed this property, one acre should be classified as wetland.   

·       Various committee/board minutes
·       Newsletters
·       Review Police logs/reports

·       Minutes
·       Correspondence
·       Payroll and Accounts Payable Manifests

The board adjourned at 11:25 to do a site walk of the Damon property.  The board reconvened at 1:00

There being no further business at 2:05 PM Mr. Methe moved to adjourn, the motion was seconded by Mr. Yon, the motion passed 3-0.

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