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Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 09/12/07
September 12, 2007

Selectmen Present:  Michael Methe, Chmn., Thomas Parker, & Carmen Yon

Chairman Michael Methe opened the meeting at 9:00 AM


                         introduced two candidates for part time officers.  Rene Doyle and  George Cassidy.   He would like them
                         to start the part time academy this Saturday.  Mr. Parker questioned what they think their role of being a
                         police officer is.  Mr.  Cassidy stated  you represent the community.  Mr. Doyle stated he has always been
                         interested in helping people.   Mr. Yon moved to approve the appointment of these two candidates, the
                         motion was seconded by Mr. Methe, the motion passed 3-0.

                         Mr. Kassotis is meeting with David Ford today.  They have a used police vehicle with 24,000 miles for about $12,000.  We would have to add radios, decals, it will about $4000 additional. We have a 2003 police cruiser it has 108,000 miles and the 2006 has 46,000 miles.   

9:15    MEET WITH VIRGINIA WHITE:  Mrs. White cancelled her appointment

                                    Roy Brother: $2.495 per gallon price subject to change until contract signed
                                    Allen Mathewson: $2.399 fixed or .15 over sprague daily posted price with a cap of $2.499
                                    Webber:  $2.5647
                          Mr. Yon moved to contract with Allen Mathewson for the $2.399 fixed price with , Mr. Methe seconded, the motion passed 3-0.
9:45    MEET WITH DICK WENZEL – TAX MAP 35 LOT 08:  Mr. Wenzel stated that he bought this lot in 1978.    
                          He was informed in 1965 this was a subdivision.  He had an individual that wanted to purchase this property and build on it and they were told it was an unbuildable lot.  Mr. Parker stated that a number of lots where created there and building permits were issued.  Since that time RSA 675:41 gives the board of Selectmen the option of issueing permits on lots that are not on a town maintained road.  The board has had a policy for several years to not issue permits on Class VI and private roads.   Mr. Parker stated at this time we would not issue a permit on this lot.   They have the option of appealing this decision to the Zoning Board of Adjustment.  Mr. Wenzel stated that he would like this in writing.  Mr. Wenzel stated that he spoke with Avitar and they stated that this was a building lot.  He went to a couple of attorneys and they stated that if this is a recorded subdivision, then it is a building lot.   Mr. Parker stated that the town has a written policy to not issue permits on Class VI and private roads.  Mr. Parker stated that we will speak with the appraisal firm this afternoon.  If it is being taxed as a buildable lot, we will make a correction.  Mr. Methe stated that the way he understands it, it is the board decision and we have across the board denied building on a Class VI  and private road.    Mr. Wenzel suggested the board contact an attorney with regard to this matter prior to sending him a final decision.         

10:15   MEET WITH DAVID GREEN:  David Green and Gretchen Whittenborg met with the board.  Mrs. Whittenborg feels that overall the equity of the assessments are much better then the last time.  She feels there are some inconsistencies.  What bothers her is the judgement that Avitar makes that there is no view factor on waterfront.  Mr. Methe stated that the way he understood it from Gary is whatever factor that adds the most value to the property is used, and the waterfront is what adds the value.  The other question she has is the values on commercial property.  The disparity of the assessed value and the sales price.   Mrs. Whittenborg feels there is a large disparity between the high end and the low-end properties.   Mr. Methe stated he feels that the market has dropped substantially since April.  Mr. Yon stated that Avitar has tried to realize some compromise in the view and waterfront in determining the factor.   Mrs. Whittenborg feels that to eliminate one or the other she is not sure it is legally acceptable.  Mr. Parker stated that we need to justify sales with assessments.  He feels that we are heavy on the views.  He is not convinced that the view values are backed up by the sales.   Mr. Parker wants a very clear understanding of how he determined these values.   

                          Mr. Green submitted spreadsheets of residential property at the higher end of the market. (see attached)    Mr. Green feels that the per square footage building cost is supported by sales values.  He plans to look at waterfront values, he has not completed this yet.  Mr. Green stated that he is comfortable with the land values.  Mr. Green stated that the average assessment increase from 2002 to 2007 was 60%-70%.  

                          Mr. Parker stated that Avitar is looking at the assessment of White’s Grove.  They are going to look at this on an income basis.  Mrs. Whittenborg has looked at State Line Campground, and feels that they may be over assessed.                

1:00    MEET WITH GARY ROBERGE:   Gary stated that the problem with David Greene’s analysis is that it assumes the assessment was correct in 2001.  Mrs. Thompson stated that we know there was a problem with certain classes of assessments in 2001.  Mr. Parker stated that the board attempted to make changes to certain classes of homes and then decided to wait until a further study was completed.  Gary stated that they changed the waterfront for the village area, they changed to nature wetlands.  They have generated a new report that sorts the views by value, along with the pictures to support the values.  They viewed some of the properties and have changed  some of the views.  He coded them as a hearing change.  Gary stated if a view is not from the home site, it does still have some value, but not as high as from the home site.   Mr. Parker questioned how the view is determined, from the home, yard, etc.  Gary stated  it is difficult.  They have always taken the position,  the view is taken from the developed site. A good part of assessing is subjective.  In order to be consistent, one person needs to be making these decisions.   They visited the Hay property which driving up the driveway had a beautiful view, on the porch there is no view, upstairs there is.  They could not add a view, since they did not add second story views on any other property.  Gary stated that they did see every property, he can’t guarantee that he saw every view, depending upon the day and visibility, and where you were looking.
                          Gary has found out through research on non-profits. They can sell the property for market value, the funds would need to be transferred to another 501.3C, therefore they should be assessed at market value.  He will apply this to Fleur Dis Lis.

                         He is proposing writing a letter to Anne Pelkey with regard to how he arrived at the new value for Laurel Lake Campground.  The letter will describe exactly how they arrive at the value.  He did allow a 10% loss of value.  They looked at Feldman’s.  He is creating a separate card for the Anderson property.  They have taken all of the water bodies and indicated the conditions.  Gary stated that excess waterfront adds value.  He is placing his opinion, because we did not have any sales.  If the land has a lot of road frontage for subdivision potential it does add value.  Mr. Parker stated that he is not convinced that the nature wetlands adds value.  Gary stated that the sales dictate it.   He stated that Avitar will stand by their work and values.  He is not opposed to making changes if he feels they are warranted.  Mr. Parker questioned how we justify assessed values that are below sales prices.  Gary stated that he is aware of some sales that are lower.  He cannot make sense of them.  He will review any property the board asks him to.  They treated them consistently with the rest of the properties in town.  Gary stated that they give written detail statements on all abatements filed.  

                          Mrs. Thompson spoke with Linda Kennedy at the DRA with regard to land in current use with a camper on it.  She stated that there is no case law, but the intent is if there is a campsite then it is being used.  Gary stated that the board of Tax Appeals looks at it if the site is in its natural state or not.  
                          Mr. Parker questioned if they had done anything with the DeBlieu property with regard to the right of way.  Gary stated that they have not done anything with this yet.  Gary stated that they went back and looked at the  commercial property.  Gary stated he does not have a lot of credible evidence to increase the value of the commercial property.   Gary stated he will look at traffic counts off the internet.   

                          Gary stated that he and Brian will look at the properties when they leave that David Green submitted questions on.  

                          Gary stated that October 1, 2007 is the date for him to deliver the final work.  The board stated that they would extend the date if we do not accept the values prior to this date.                  

***     DISCUSS STORM WINDOW IN SELECTMEN’S OFFICE:  Mr. Parker would like to have the window in the town office fixed.   

***     FRONT OFFICE FOR STORAGE:  Mr. Methe would like to speak with Mark Sweeney, he feels that this office could be used for storage.    Mr. Parker made a motion to convert this room to storage, the motion was seconded by Mr. Yon, the motion passed 3-0.  

***     QUESTION ABOUT LOT – TAX MAP 17 LOT 14-01:  This is unbuildable.  

                               At  11:35 AM, Mr. Methe made a motion to go into Non-Public Session under RSA 91 A:3 II  (a).  Mr.
                          Parker seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0.  Roll Call Vote;  Mr. Parker – Yes,  Mr. Methe –  
                          Yes, Mr. Yon – yes.
                              At  11:45 PM. Mr. Methe made a motion to go out of Non-Public Session under RSA 91 A:3 II  (a). Mr.
                          Parker seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0.


***     INVOICES:
                               Hampshire Fire Protection – approved
                               Air Compressor Repair- approved.  Mr. Parker questioned if they obtained bids on this.  
                               Hoppock- approved   


***     NH RETIREMENT SYSTEM NOTICE OF PRIOR SERVICE CREDIT:  This is on Bruce Newton’s request for credit for prior service.  

                          Mr. Parker moved to recess for lunch break at 11:50, the motion was seconded by Mr. Yon, the motion passed 3-0.    The board reconvened at 1:00 PM.

***     NOTIFICATION FROM DRA OF NEXT ASSESSMENT REVIEW CYCLE:  We are scheduled for our next review in 2008


***     APPOINTMENT FOR CIP MEMBERS:  Each department appoints their own representative.

***     MS-4:  Mr. Parker would like to review this.   

***     PINE TREE CABLE  FRANCHISE AGREEMENT DRAFT:  Mr. Parker would like to write a letter stating that we will not renew the contract.  We have not received all franchise money and we have seen no effort to expand service in Fitzwilliam.  

***     CONSERVATION EASEMENT :  Mr. Methe feels that we need to get going on this.   

***     MANAGEMENT DISCUSSION ANALYSIS DRAFT:  The board will review

***                      NON_PUBLIC 3:04
                               At  3:05 PM, Mr. Methe made a motion to go into Non-Public Session under RSA 91 A:3 II  (a).  Mr.
                           Parker seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0.  Roll Call Vote;  Mr. Parker – Yes,  Mr. Methe –  
                           Yes, Mr. Yon – yes.
                              At  3:17 PM. Mr. Methe made a motion to go out of Non-Public Session under RSA 91 A:3 II  (a). Mr.
                            Parker seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0




***                      ASSESSING:  Gary has lowered the view values, he has differentiated around the lakes and
                          ponds.   We need to write a letter to the BLTA and inform them where we are.   

***                       NEWSLETTER:  We will outline where we are on the process.  Urge anyone who has questions to bring
                           it to our attention.            

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·       Payroll and Accounts Payable Manifests

        Mr. Yon moved to adjourn at 3:35 PM, the motion was seconded by Mr. Parker, the motion passed 3-0.

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