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Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 11/19/08
NOVEMBER 19, 2008

Selectmen Present:  Carmen Yon , Chmn.,  Michael Methe & Thomas Parker  

Chairman Carmen Yon opened the meeting at 9:00 AM


              Public hearing at 9:00.  Mr. Methe moved to accept the donation in the form of a grant, the motion was seconded by Mr.
              Parker, the motion passed 3-0.  Chief Kassotis stated the cost of this is about $22,000 including installation.     Mr. Parker
              moved to close the Public Hearing at 9:10 am, the motion was seconded by Mr. Methe, the motion passed 3-0..   


             Mr. Parker questioned what Crimestar is.  Chief Kassotis stated that this is our crime reporting system.      

              Mr. Parker  stated that the Firewards were in and they made a comment that there has been vandalism around the Public
              Safety Building.    Chief Kassotis stated the only incident he can think of is a personal vehicle that was parked there the lug
              nuts were loosened.     Mr. Yon stated that he has heard rumors of burglary’s lately.  Chief Kassotis stated that they have
              been noted on the police reports.  There was a burglary of jewelry last week.  

               Mr. Parker commented  that the Police Budget  submitted for next year is up over 8%.  Chief Kassotis stated that the majority
               is fuel.  Mr. Parker stated that  he may be able to cut this with the decrease in costs.  Mr. Methe suggested budgeting the
               normal amount for fuel in their budget, and any extra budget in the Board of Selectmen’s  budget.   Chief Kassotis stated that
               if he has money left in this line of the budget he would not use this on other expenses.  

               Mr. Parker questioned if Chief Kassotis has spoken with different people with regard to a lease on a vehicle.  Chief Kassotis
               stated that he has been speaking with Hillsborough Ford.    Chief  Kassotis stated that he has looked at the Dodge Charger.  
               He does not like this vehicle.    Chief Kassotis would like to use the money in the current capital reserve towards the lease
               Chief  Kassotis would like to purchase a new radar unit.   They did lose one this year, due to the age it could not be certified.   
               The purchase price is $2100.00.   Mr. Parker moved to authorize this expenditure, the motion was seconded by Mr. Methe the
               motion passed 3-0.
  • REQUISITION FOR LAPTOP AND ROAD SOFTWARE:  Mr. Cuomo would like to take a 2 day course and purchase this software.  The cost is $559.00 for the software purchase, $100 for the course with a $200.00 maintenance fee.    This is GPS compatible.  It would have all of the roads listed on this.    Mr. Cuomo would like to purchase a laptop.    Mr. Yon feels that this would be beneficial to the Highway Department.       
  • USED OIL COLLECTION GRANT APPLICATION:  The board signed this grant.   The Highway Department has been working on this.   
  • UPDATE ON HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT PROJECTS:  Steve Grey has been working on the engineering on Fullam Hill Road.
Mr. Parker questioned if we have any information from Paul Grasewicz on Upper Troy Road.  Mr. Cuomo stated that he has not heard from him.       

10:30       MEET WITH CLAIRE BOROWSKI – PARKING ISSUE:  Ms. Borowski stated that in the past the Inn has allowed tenants to
                park in the parking lot.  The bank that owns this property now will not allow this.   Ms. Borowski stated that she needs to find a
                solution of where her tenant can park.  She questioned if they can park in the space on Richmond  Road.   She stated that
                the tenant has  called John Fitzwilliam and Lynda Tolten and they do not have any spaces.   They are parking one car in John
                Fitzwilliam’s garage.   The tenants have spoken with David Green and he does not have any available.      Mr. Yon
                questioned if they can park in front of the building.   Mr. Methe stated that this is a State Road.    Mrs. Borowski would need to
                check with the State with regard to parking on the State Road.  Mr. Parker suggested that Mrs. Borowski speak with John
                Fitzwilliam personally.   Mrs.  Borowski stated that she does not have the option of parking in her yard, there is no parking.         

***     REVIEW DRAFT OF OFFICE HOURS SIGN:  The board reviewed and approved.  

***     CEMETERY COMMISSIONER REQUISITION FOR CHAIN:   Mr. Parker feels that this is expensive.   Mr. Parker  would like to
               hold this until we meet with the commissioners next week.     

***     TIMBER ASSESSMENT WORKSHEET:   Mr. Parker moved to consider this exempt, the motion was seconded by Mr. Methe,
               the motion passed 3-0.  We will send Mrs. Kesses a note with regard to this.  

***           CEMETERY STONE WALL:  Mr. Parker stated that he looked at this, he does not feel that a very good job was done on this

***                       NON-PUBLIC SESSION
                               At 9:56 pm, Mr. Methe made a motion to go into Non-Public Session under RSA 91 A:3 II (a). Mr. Yon seconded
                             the  motion. The motion passed 3-0. Roll Call Vote:  Mr. Parker – yes, Mr. Methe – yes, Mr. Yon – yes.
                               At 10:01 pm, Mr. Methe made a motion to go into Non-Public Session under RSA 91 A:3 II (a). Mr. Yon seconded
                            the motion. The motion passed 3-0. Roll Call Vote:  Mr. Parker – yes, Mr. Methe – yes, Mr. Yon – yes.

***     AVITAR DATA VERIFICATION LETTERS/APPOINTMENTS:  Gary Roberge from Avitar spoke with Mrs. Thompson with   
              regard to the interior inspections completed.  They were not able to get in to about  200 homes for inspection.   He needs to
              send a letter to the homeowner to get into the property.   He will mail these including postage for the cost of $1.00 each.     We
              can either have the people call in to our office or Avitar directly to schedule these appointments.   The board feels they should
              call Avitar directly and schedule appointments.   

***     REVIEW DRAFT OF NEWSLETTER ARTICLES:  Reviewed.  The board discussed how to get a petition article on the warrant
               as well as the deadline for the Planning Board to place an article.   

***     MCGARRY HAZARDOUS BUILDING:  The deadline to respond was the 14th.  We will write an additional letter extending to
               December 14 after which we will proceed with the court.  

***     ALLEN-LARHETTE TRASH:   Deadline to remove was the 15th.  The board will inspect to see if this has been removed.   If
               this is not cleaned up, Mr. Yon suggested having the Highway Department clean this up and send a bill to the homeowner.       

***     AVITAR CONTRACT:  Mr. Methe moved to approve, the motion was seconded by Mr. Parker, the motion passed 3-0.  

                            Board of Selectmen visit Lafreniere
                            Junkyard visits – The board will view these after the meeting on Tuesday November 25, 2008
                            Investment policy
                            Special Detail                             
                             Veteran’s Farm Exemption

***          LGC CONFERENCE:  Mr. Parker stated that he attended a session with DRA with regard to Current Use.  They want the town
              to look through every file on current use, make sure there is a map and verify all information.  Mrs. Thompson stated that the
              last time we did assessment review the fifteen files they pulled were complete    The board agreed that this would be very time

  • Minutes
  • Correspondence
  • Payroll and Accounts Payable Manifests

There being no further business at 11:11 am  Mr. Yon moved to adjourn,  the motion was seconded by Mr. Parker, the motion passed 3-0

Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Favreau
Administrative Assistant                                                                         

                                                                                                                   Carmen Yon, Chmn.   

                                                                                                                    Michael Methe
                                                                                                                   Thomas Parker  

13 Templeton Turnpike, PO Box 725 Fitzwilliam, NH 03447
Phone: 603.585.7723   Fax: 603.585.7744
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