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Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 08/26/09
August 26, 2009


The following individuals who own property in Woodbrook were present: Kathy Caruso, Marsha Dickenson (President of Woodbrook board of trustees) and Vera Strickland. Sue Merritt from 911 was also present.
Mr. Parker opened the public hearing at 7:00pm.  Mr. Parker introduced Sue Merritt from 911 and said that she was here tonight to answer questions and explain the process of numbering. Kathy Caruso said that she had to call 911 for an ambulance a few weeks ago. It took 45 minutes for the ambulance to respond and that ambulance was from Winchendon. She said that the Winchendon ambulance crew didn’t know where Woodbrook was. She wanted to know if that was usual. Mr. Parker explained that sometimes it can take a longer time if the Fitzwilliam ambulance was out on another call and an ambulance from another town has to respond. One of the reasons that the Town is officially numbering Woodbrook is so that emergency responders can find property in Woodbrook easily.
        Mr. Parker read RSA 231:133-a that requires a public hearing prior to numbering taking place unless each owner affected gives their consent. Since there are so many owners in Woodbrook that would be affected, the selectmen felt that holding this public hearing was the best way to proceed. Mr. Parker discussed the problem with Woodbrook having a “Pine Road” and the town also having a “Pine Road”. The is not a good situation as it can cause confusion in an emergency. Ms. Dickenson said that Woodbrook would like to change the name to “Pine Tree Lane”. Ms. Merritt said that this was a name different enough from Pine Road and would be a good one. The selectmen and Ms. Merritt reviewed the map of Woodbrook and decided that there was a deadend road off of Lake Shore Drive that should be named. Ms. Dickenson, Ms. Merritt and the selectmen agreed that Pond View Lane would be the name of this piece of road. Mr. Yon made a motion to accept all the current names of roads in Woodbrook, with the addition of Pond View Lane and renaming Pine Road as Pine Tree Lane. Mrs. Silverman seconded and the motion passed 3-0.
        Ms. Merritt explained what will happen next. Representatives from 911 will come out to Woodbrook next week, drive through the park and collect the data, marking each driveway. She said that when she drove through tonight she noticed that there were some problems with the current numbering within Woodbrook. In some cases the numbers are offset – in other words a house marked #5 was across from a house marked #18. Ms. Dickenson said that when Woodbrook assigned numbers they gave a new number to each lot. Ms. Merritt said that when 911 assigns numbers they assign a new number every so many feet. For example, in Fitzwilliam there is a new number every 50 feet. This assists emergency responders in locating the house because they know approximately how far down on the road the house is. She said that after 911 collects the data, they will submit it to the selectmen. Because of the way 911 assigns numbers, their numbers will not be the same as the ones that Woodbrook assigned. It will be up to the Selectmen to decide if they will use the existing numbers or renumber the park. Ms. Dickenson said she understood what the advantage would be in renumbering the way 911 assigns the numbers. She said that it would be better to make the new numbers effective in the spring when Woodbrook owners come back so that they can post the correct numbers on their property. Ms. Merritt said that the selectmen can determine the commencement date of the new numbers so that everyone will be using their correct number by that date. There being no further questions or discussion, Mr. Yon moved to close the public hearing, Mrs. Silverman seconded and the motion passed 3-0.

Connie Porter-Durmer, Carol Beckwith and John Fitzwilliam were present.
Mr. Parker said that the board has the minutes from the Energy Committee regarding the ECO Festival that they are talking about holding in October. Mr. Parker said that the board needs more information. Mrs. Beckwith said that these were notes taken at their meeting about what they thought might be part of the Eco Fair, not minutes of their meeting. Mrs. Beckwith said that the way this began is that Ms. Porter-Durmer has an interactive art project that she is doing on the library lawn and wondered if the Energy Committee would be interested in providing a venue for a larger, similar event.  Carol said that the Energy Committee has been slow to get going and so far has been mostly about light bulbs etc. She said that the Energy Committee felt that this would be something that would generate additional interest, in a different way, in the Energy Committee. Mr. Parker said that the board is not opposed to them having this type of event - they just want to know more about it. Mrs. Beckwith said that the idea is to try to stimulate more interest in the community about saving energy – more than just taking a bag to market and changing light bulbs. Mrs. Beckwith said that they have talked to Mr. Fitzwilliam about using the Common for this event but she is thinking about making it broader. One problem is that the committee doesn’t have any money so they are looking at doing it in a low cost way. They wouldn’t be able to afford a police special detail. However, there are grants that may be available in the future. But she needs a larger group interested in town to even stand a chance to get a grant. They need more people involved and this type of project seems like a good fit to do that. They are thinking about the first weekend in October. Mrs. Silverman said that doesn’t give them much time for planning. She suggested that since this is the first time, that they don’t make it so large that they can’t pull everything together and do a good job. Mrs. Beckwith said that everyone she has been contacting to do demonstrations and set up informational booths etc has been very interested. She said that they were discussing nvolving the school with a table with artwork regarding recycling etc. Mrs. Silverman said that maybe the school would be a good venue for this event, instead of the common. Ms. Porter-Durmer said that she would like it be outdoors because the fair is about environmental issues. Mr. Parker said that there isn’t a problem with the common – but maybe it should be a smaller event for the first year. Mr. Parker suggested that the presentations and vendors, local musicians, artists etc, and possibly an agency that would like to work with them for food could all be on the Common. Mrs. Beckwith asked if they could use the town hall on October 3rd in the event of bad weather, using primarily the upper hall. Mrs. Silverman said they couldn’t have food in the upper hall. Carmen moved approval of the town hall for this event, Susan seconded and the motion passed 3-0. The selectmen said that they may also use the town hall lawns for art displays. They are also planning on talking to the Inn to see if they would be interested in donating space for some artwork etc. Mr. Parker said that parking could be an issue and that they should talk to the police. Connie talked about the “artists walk”. She explained that it’s part of the festivity – everyone in the festival participates in the walk. She would like people to start to walk to the post office and back. Mrs. Thompson said that if they are having a parade on Rte. 119 it requires a permit from the state. The selectmen recommended that this year they should stick primarily with involving the library, town common, town hall for this year. The common committee said that they can use the common on that day. They will be setting up art and displays on Friday night as well as Saturday. Ms. Porter-Durmer shared the logo that she has designed for “The Art Forward Group” . She said that there are many artists that are excited about this event.

***     HAZARDOUS MITIGATION APPLICATION – We had intended to submit for the Upper Troy Road project, Number 4 Road bridge and Templeton Turnpike. Mr. Cuomo, Road Agent has reviewed the application and requirements and feels that the only project that we have engineered enough for is the Upper Troy Road drainage project. However this project does not appear in our Hazardous Mitigation plan, which is a requirement. Therefore, he feels that this project would not qualify for funding. The selectmen agreed that we will not apply for any projects for this round of funding.

***     NON-PUBLIC PERSONNEL – At 9:05pm, Mr. Yon made a motion to go into non-public session under RSA 91-A:3 II (a) to discuss personnel. Mr. Parker seconded and the motion passed 3-0. Roll Call Vote;  Mr. Parker – Yes,  Mr. Yon –  Yes, Mrs.
Silverman - yes. No votes were taken. At 9:15pm, Mr. Yon made a motion to go out of non-public session and seal the minutes, Mrs. Silverman seconded and the motion passed 3-0. Roll Call Vote; Mr. Parker – yes, Mr. Yon – yes, Mrs. Silverman – yes.

***     NON-PUBLIC PERSONNEL – At 9:16pm, Mr. Yon made a motion to go into non-public session under RSA 91-A:3 II (a) to discuss personnel. Mr. Parker seconded and the motion passed 3-0. Roll Call Vote;  Mr. Parker – Yes,  Mr. Yon –  Yes, Mrs.
Silverman - yes. No votes were taken. At 9:25pm, Mr. Yon made a motion to go out of non-public session and seal the minutes, Mrs. Silverman seconded and the motion passed 3-0. Roll Call Vote; Mr. Parker – yes, Mr. Yon – yes, Mrs. Silverman – yes.

***     TOWN HALL RENTAL REQUEST FROM RECREATION FOR SQUARE DANCE – The Recreation Department has submitted an application to use the Town Hall Upper Hall for a dance on November 28th. They would like to have food and drink upstairs. Mr. Yon made a motion to approve the application without allowing food upstairs, Mrs. Silverman seconded and the motion passed 3-0. They may have food in the lower hall.

***     TOWN HALL RENTAL REQUEST FROM RECREATION FOR YOGA – The Recreation Department has submitted an application to use the Town Hall Upper Hall for yoga classes Monday nights from September 14th through December 14th. Mr. Yon made a motion to approve the application without cleaning the hall before each session, Mrs. Silverman seconded and the motion passed 3-0.

***     VACATION REQUEST FROM PAULA – Mrs. Silverman made a motion to approve this request, Mr. Yon seconded and the motion passed 3-0.

***     REQUEST FROM FIREWARDS FOR CONSIDERATION FROM SELECTMEN FOR PURCHASE OF TWO TRUCK BOXES AND TOUGHCOAT FINISH FOR NEW BRUSH TRUCK – The selectmen are concerned that there will be more requests to add more equipment to this vehicle. They had previously approved the purchase of the truck with a tank, lettering, lights etc and thought that this vehicle was complete as approved. They would like to send a letter to the firewards asking for a complete accounting of the truck with all related equipment. They will not act on any additional equipment for this truck until they have this additional information.

***     BUILDING PERMIT – MAP 7 LOT 07-22 – Mr. Yon made a motion to approve, Mrs. Silverman seconded and the motion passed 3-0.

***     OCCUPANCY PERMIT – MAP 38 LOT 11 – Mr. Yon made a motion to approve, Mrs. Silverman seconded and the motion passed 3-0.

***     LETTER FROM DENISE NOLAN RE: TAX COLLECTOR TRAINING – Mrs. Nolan has written a thank you letter to the selectmen for the tax collecting training that she went to last week.  

***     REQUEST FROM JANE WRIGHT, TAX COLLECTOR TO ATTEND TAX COLLECTOR CONFERENCE – Last year the selectmen send Mrs. Wright a memo stating that 2008 was the last year that the board would support her attending this conference. The selectmen will not approve this expense this year. They would like to send her a memo with a copy of last year’s memo stating this. Carmen voted to send memo, Tom seconded, and the motion passed approved 2-0 (Mrs. Silverman abstained).

***     NH LIBRARY TRUSTEES ASSOC AWARD TO FITZWILLIAM LIBRARY – 2009 LIBRARY OF THE YEAR – The board will send a letter of congratulations to Mrs. Massin and the Library Trustees.

***     EMAILS FROM HOPPOCK RE: RAITTO LAWSUIT – The board reviewed these.

***     FIRST ESTIMATE TO REBUILD CHIMNEY ON TOWN HALL -  The board reviewed this proposal. Mrs. Thompson said that she has also requested proposals from two other companies to do this work.  

***     COPY OF MINIMUM IMPACT APPLICATION FOR CARUSO WALKWAY AND DOCK AT WOODBROOK – The board reviewed this and noted that it does not look complete.

***     NH HEALTH ALERT – EEE – The board reviewed this.

***     CDFA PLANNING GRANT FUNDING APPLICATIONS DEADLINE – We do not have any projects and therefore will not be applying for this funding.

***     LETTER FROM DUBOIS & KING RE: TEMPLETON TRNPK BRIDGE – The board reviewed this information.  

***     REMINDER: UNEMPLOYMENT HEARING SEPT 1ST AT 9:45AM IN KEENE – Mr. Parker, Mr. Yon and Mrs. Thompson will attend. They will meet Tom Mahon, Primex Insurance at 9:15am at the Employment Office.

***     REMINDER: Attorney Hoppock is meeting with Planning Board and selectmen at 8pm for update on Raitto lawsuit. This will be in non-public session.

***     2010 BUDGET
The Board would like to schedule some work sessions. Mrs. Silverman suggested that the board start with a work session on  September 16th at 9:30am and begin with the budget. This is our regular selectmen’s meeting. Tom would like the police chief and road agent in on September 23rd.

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Submitted by:

Paula Thompson
Town Administrator                                                      Thomas F. Parker, Chairman

                                                                        Carmen M. Yon

                                                                        Susan S. Silverman
                                                                        Board of Selectmen

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