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Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 12/09/09
December 9, 2009

Selectmen Present:   Thomas Parker, Chmn., Carmen Yon & Susan Silverman

Mr. Parker  opened the meeting at  9:00 am


  • CLASS VI ROADS:   Mr. Parker stated that Mrs. Thompson has contacted Local Government Center with regard to blocking off these roads.  The attorney at Local Government Center stated that we cannot put rocks in the road to completely block them.    We can put up a gate, but we cannot lock them.  The board would like Chief Kassotis to do everything he can to catch the people damaging these roads.  There is an RSA that we can hold them responsible for damaging the roads and go after them to pay for repairs to these roads.   Chief Kassotis stated that the biggest problem will be in the spring.  Mrs. Silverman stated that she does not have a problem with putting up gates.  Mrs. Thompson stated that we would need to  budget for this.  We would also need to make sure it is clearly posted that there is a gate ahead.         
  • HOURS FOR POLICE SECRETARY:  Mr. Parker stated that he has noticed that the police secretary has been working more than 20 hours.   Chief Kassotis stated that this is temporary there has been extra work recently.   He feels that after this week she will be back to 20 hours.   
  • Rt 12:  Mr. Parker stated that he was told that Fitzwilliam and Troy are working with state police on speed traps.  Chief Kassotis stated that this is not the case.  Mr. Parker stated that there were 9 assist last week.  Chief Kassotis stated that  they are not always physically going there it could be phone assists.   He will delineate this on his reports.  Mrs. Silverman asked if he has a guidance of what his officers do each shift.  Chief Kassotis stated that his philosophy is that every town road should be covered per shift.  If he gets complaints on certain roads he lists these as target area for patrols.
  • Livestock:  Chief Kassotis stated that he reviewed the proposed changes.  It states that you  have to  keep animals on  your own property and it is up to the police to enforce and issue a civil forfeiture.  There is no enforcement with the ordinance we have now.   
  • Kingsbury:  Chief Kassotis has written a letter to Mr. Kingsbury.  He has gotten full restitution, a letter of apology from one juvenile is enclosed,  he has been told by the mother of the other party that they will be forwarding this as well.  Mr. Yon asked if Chief Kassotis sent a copy to the Richmond police.  Chief Kassotis stated that he will notify them.  
  • Base Radio:  Chief Kassotis stated he is having problems with his radio, the cost to repair this is  $675.00.   He did not budget for it next year, he feels that he has money in his budget this year and would like to have it repaired.  Mr. Yon moved to approve, the motion was seconded by Mrs. Silverman, the motion passed 3-0.
  • Fullam Hill Road:  Mr. Olson has done a clear cut and there appears to be roads constructed on this property.    Mr. Parker is concerned with damage to the roads.   The board discussed that this is subject to EPA regulations with regard to storm water management.   Mrs. Thompson will contact DES and ask what the town should do.         
***     TAX COLLECTOR’S CONTRACT:   Mr. Yon moved  that we should have a time period  if they wish to resign they must give
               one month notice, the motion was seconded by Mrs. Silverman that motion passed 3-0.    Mr. Yon moved to submit this
               contract  to Jane Wright,  have her sign this and return to the board, the motion seconded by Mrs. Silverman, the motion
               passed 3-0.

***     DEPUTY TAX COLLECTOR’S CONTRACT:  Reviewed and signed

***     TOWN CLERK’S CONTRACT: Mr. Yon moved  that we should have a time period  if they wish to resign they must give
               one month notice, the motion was seconded by Mrs. Silverman that motion passed 3-0.   Mr. Yon moved to submit to Heidi
               Wood have her sign and return this to the board, the motion was seconded by Mrs. Silverman, the motion passed 3-0.

  • MEETING TO DISCUSS REGIONAL PROSECUTOR PROGRAM:  Chief Kassotis will attend this meeting
  • CABLE ACCESS:  Mrs. Thompson responded  
***     DETERMINE MARKET VALUE FOR CHANGE OF USE – MAP 14 LOT 01:  Mr. Yon moved to assess the change of use

                 assessment at  $37,000, the motion was seconded by Mrs. Silverman, the motion passed 3-0.    

  • Mr. Parker will draft an article with regard to the school tax
  • an article with regard to the budget and change in health insurance for the town
  • looking into putting up gates on Class VI roads due to damage being done to roads    

***     DRA EDUCATION TAX WARRANT FOR 2010:  Reviewed

***     PROPERTY TRANSFERS:  Reviewed

***     2010 BUDGET :  
                      Executive:   Mr. Parker stated that the biggest increase is in the health insurance line.   This is due to the change in how
                      the insurance line is allocated.   
                      Town Clerk:    Reviewed  
                      Tax Collector:  Based upon the contract  the board is submitting to Mrs. Wright  for Deputy tax $4837, $13,410                 
                       for the tax collector salary plus $750 for liens, the salary line should be changed to $19,160,  $1188  for social security
                       and $280 for  medicare,  $31,159 should be the budgeted amount.
                      General Government Buildings:    This went down $3228.    Mr. Yon questioned labor contracted services increase,
                      Mrs. Thompson reviewed all of this years charges
                      Planning Board:   Mr. Parker stated  that this budget includes a step increase which the board did not approve.    Mr.
                       Parker feels that Mrs. Gillis has taken a lot of time off this year.   Both she and Terry Silverman have stated in a
                       meeting that there is not always enough work for her to do.    The salary figure should be $36,421 based upon the
                       current rate of pay.     
                       Cemetery:     Mr. Parker would like a plan from the commissioners with regard to their plans for workers for next year.   
                       The board would like to meet with the commissioners.   
                       Police:    Mr. Yon feels that the Chief has budgeted more for both part time and overtime shifts.    Mrs. Silverman stated
                       that she has a problem with the overtime line.    She feels that this should be a last resort.   Mrs. Silverman stated that
                       instead of reducing it line by line the board could set a flat amount they would like the Chief to decrease the bottom line.   
                       Mr. Yon would like to see a decrease of $10,000 on this budget.    Mrs. Thompson will send a memo stating the board
                       reviewed this budget and feel that this can be reduced by $10,000.
***           SCHOOL:  Mr. Parker stated that we have still not received any figures from the school district.   Mr. Parker stated that the
               total amount due  was $4,793,923 if we subtract  $1,952, 640 that we have already paid, we need to decide how we are going
               to allocate what we pay each month. Carmen Yon stated that leaves about  $44,000 for November and that will make our
               payments about $399,000 each month.   Mr. Yon would like to pay the $44,000 next week  and the $399,000 at the end of the
               month.   Mrs. Silverman moved to pay $44551.31  now  and   $399,493.59  dated  December  31, 2009, the motion was
               seconded by Mr. Yon, the motion passed 3-0.    

***           WiValley Application:   They currently have a transmitter in the tower, it only services the town hall.   Mr. Foucher is
               questioning what procedure he needs to follow to allow to transmit to others from here.  Mr. Parker feels that we should hold a
               public hearing with regard to this matter.   The Selectmen have the authority to handle all town property.  Mrs. Silverman feels
               that we should hold at least an informational meeting.    Mrs. Thompson suggested we could draw up a resolution with regard
               to this matter.    The board would like to schedule a meeting with Brian at next weeks meeting to discuss this issue.   We will
               write a newsletter article that  will be having a informational meeting sometime in January to meet with WiValley to discuss

***           RECREATION BASKETBALL:  The recreation commission is recommending hiring  Mat Governor to run the basketball
               program.  Mr.  Parker moved to hire Mr. Governor  subject to a background check for a stipend of  $1500.00, the motion was
               seconded by Mrs. Silverman, the motion passed 3-0.  

***           CERTIFIED AMBULANE GROUP:  They submitted a letter with regard to increasing rates for private insurers by 3%, the
                board does not want to institute this increase.  

  • Minutes
  • Correspondence
  • Payroll and Accounts Payable Manifests

Mrs. Silverman moved to adjourn at  12:00 pm, the motion was seconded by Mr.  Yon the motion passed 3 -0.

Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Favreau
Administrative Assistant                                                                      

                                                                                                              Thomas Parker, Chmn.                            

                                                                                                              Carmen Yon                                                                                                             

                                                                                                  Susan Silverman
                                                                                                  Board of Selectmen   

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