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Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 12/16/09
December 16, 2009

Selectmen Present:   Thomas Parker, Chmn.,  Carmen Yon & Susan Silverman

Mr. Parker  opened the meeting at  7:00 pm


***     7:00    MEET WITH BRIAN DORPHOLZ:  Mr. Dorpholz stated he would like to form an agricultural commission.  This is an
              advisory board for the voice of the farmer.     This is a resource for farmers in town.   They make a list of agricultural resources
              in town.    He feels there is an interest in town for this resource.   He feels that we should have an informational meeting in
              March people come, if there is enough interest the Selectmen should form a committee to draft a warrant article to form this
              commission at the 2011 town meeting.   Mr. Parker stated that he has no problem with this idea.   Mr. Yon and Mrs. Silverman

               Richmond and Fitzwilliam are in a group for point of distribution site.   They are activating this on January 16  10-2  at the
               Troy Elementary School to offer the H1N1 vaccination.    Mr. Parker stated that this is something that they need to coordinate
               with Chief Kassotis.   They are asking for volunteers to help with this distribution.              

***     8:15    MEET WITH JANE WRIGHT:  Mrs. Wright  stated she does not see why the board can’t  just freeze her salary at
               $22,000 and let her work 20 hours.  Mr. Parker stated that the board is not going to pay her to just sit there and wait for
               someone to come in to pay their  taxes.   Mr. Yon stated that the board has seen what the job requires since we have
               separated the town clerk and tax collector.     Mrs. Wright stated that in the contract it only states $10.00 for the search for
               liens.  She stated that it should be $10.00 additional for notification.   She would also like the board to consider a statutory
               fees for the lien process.     Mr. Parker stated that the board researched area towns to compare the tax collector salary and
               Mrs. Wright  has been paid a lot more than other towns.   Mr. Yon questioned whose duty is it to do the search, Mrs. Wright
               stated the Board of Selectmen.    Mr. Yon stated that the board assumed additional time in the salary for the lien process.   
               Mrs. Silverman stated that the lien process is the normal part of her workflow.   Mr. Parker stated that we are paying her over
               $20.00 an hour and he is very disappointed that she is asking for these fees in addition too.    Mrs. Wright stated that she
               would do the job for $15,000 and include all of the lien process.    Mr. Parker moved to pay $15,000 for a flat fee to do the job
               which would include the fees for all lien notification, the motion was seconded by Mrs. Silverman, the motion passed 3-0.

              Mrs. Wright questioned who is going to be her supervisor, Mr. Yon stated that the Board of Selectmen.                          

               Mr. Yon moved to pay Mrs. Wright for any unused vacation time at the end of the year, the motion was seconded by
               Mrs. Silverman, the motion passed 3-0.  

***     8:30    MEET WITH HEIDI WOOD:  Mrs. Wood questioned if she can change the office hours if she is not in the office.  The
               board feels that she needs to have the deputy fill the schedule.   Mrs. Wood stated that she has vacation time left from this
               year, she questioned what happens to this.   She questioned if she can get paid for the unused time .  Mrs. Silverman moved
               to reimburse Mrs. Wood for unused vacation time, the motion was seconded by Mr. Yon, the motion passed 3-0.      


***     SIGN TRANSMITTAL FOR HEALTH INSURANCE:  Mr. Yon moved to sign the change of health insurance to the three tier
               plan, the motion was seconded by Mrs. Silverman, the motion passed 3-0.               

              re:  Wetland complaint Map 11, Lot 05-01:   The State has inspected and found that they must file a wetlands forestry
               notification for wetlands.  Mr.  Parker would like to send a copy of this letter to the Planning Board.  


              Map 09, Lot 16:  Mr. Yon moved to issue the motion was seconded by Mrs. Silverman, the motion passed 3-0.

***     REVIEW QUOTE FROM ALL STATE ASPHALT: We have a contract proposal  for the completion of #4 road which they were
              not able to complete.   Mr. Yon moved to encumber the funds necessary to meet the All State bill in the amount of $29375,
              Mrs. Silverman seconded, the motion passed 3-0.


              re: Welcome Sign:  The State of NH has denied our request to install this sign in the triangle.   

***          DISCUSS APPOINTMENT TO ENERGY COMMITTEE:  We will contact Carole Beckwith to determine if  they need additional

***          DISCUSS FIRE/AMBUALCE PAYROLL:  Mr. Parker stated that the board needs to meet with the Firewards with regard to
              this.   Mrs. Thompson spoke with the Local Government Center attorney and she indicated that Town Meeting sets wages for
              fire department.  The on call pay the firewards instituted is not on the town wage scale.   Mr. Parker would like to meet with the
              Firewards and propose to pay $1.50 an hour for the actual hours scheduled for on-call.    Mr. Yon moved to pay fire
              department payroll,  Mrs. Silverman seconded , the motion passed 3-0.  The board would like to hold the ambulance payroll
              until they meet with the Firewards to discuss on-call pay.
              Mr.  Parker moved to return the bill for              , Mrs. Silverman stated that this was purchased in September and the items
               have already been used.    The board will discuss this with the Firewards.   A purchase order should have been obtained for
               this.     Mr. Yon stated that we have a purchasing policy and we need to make sure departments adhere to this.    Mr. Yon
               suggested that we send notice to vendors with regard to our purchasing policy.            

***          DISCUSS REQUEST FOR GATE AT HAASE PROPERTY:   We can put a gate across this road but we can’t lock it.   We will
              schedule this in the spring.    

***          REVIEW SCHOOL PAYMENT FIGURE FOR MRSD:  Reviewed.  They have provided the figures.     

             re: John Tommila:  Reviewed

***          WELFARE:   Mrs. Silverman moved  to appoint Debbie Favreau as interim welfare director, the motion was seconded by Mr.
              Yon, the motion passed 3-0.

***          VACATION TIME:  Mrs. Favreau is not able to take scheduled vacation  time since Mrs. Thompson will be out for the
              remainder of the year.  Mr. Yon moved to allow Debbie Favreau to carry all unused  vacation time  forward, the motion was
              seconded by Mrs. Silverman, the motion passed 3-0.   

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Mr. Yon moved to adjourn at  9:25 pm, the motion was seconded by Mr. Parker, the motion passed 3 -0.

Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Favreau
Administrative Assistant                                                                      

                                                                                                              Thomas Parker, Chmn.                            

                                                                                                              Carmen Yon                                                                                                             

                                                                                                   Susan Silverman
                                                                                                   Board of Selectmen  

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