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Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 07/21/10
July 21, 2010

Selectmen Present: Tom Parker, Susan Silverman & Nancy Carney  

Mr. Parker opened the meeting at 7:00 pm


***     SIGN MANIFESTS:  Reviewed and approved  

                NON-PUBLIC SESSION – At 7:00pm, Mr. Parker made a motion to go into non-public session for personnel matters. Ms.
               Carney seconded and the motion passed 3-0. Roll Call Vote: Mr. Parker - yes, Ms. Carney – yes, Mrs. Silverman – yes.
                At 7:35pm, Mr. Parker made a motion to leave non-public session and seal the minutes. Mrs. Silverman seconded and the
                motion passed 3-0. Roll Call Vote:  Mr. Parker – yes, Ms. Carney – yes, Mrs. Silverman – yes.

7:15    MEET WITH JAMES LAVALLEY:  Mr. Lavalley met with the board.   Mr. Lavalley stated that the change of the UC from 10%
               to 5%  is incorrect.  There is a lot of work that needs to be done on the second apartment.    There is no plumbing, walls and  
               ceilings.   Avitar has not been in the building.   Mr. Lavalley stated that he has never received notification that his value has
               increased.     Mr. Parker stated that we are trying to schedule a meeting with the assessor from Avitar.  We will try to schedule
               an appointment to view this building.    Mr. Lavalley stated that he had his bank do an appraisal.   They came up with an
               assessment of $225,000.   Mr. Parker stated that bank appraisal are often different than assessment appraisals.   Mr. Parker         
               stated that the values are based on values as of 2007.    

7:45    MEET WITH ROB MULLER:  Rob and Bonnie Muller met with the board with regard to a dispute with a neighbor.  Mr. Muller
              stated  he has a summary sheet of what occurred in 2009.   They started keeping track in March of 2009. They have had an
              issue  with three of their neighbors.  The  Morin’s with   junk vehicles,  O’Malleys with a goat  and the Bussiere’s  when he
              wanted to start a business.    Mr. Muller stated that Mr. Bussiere has been running a chop shop on his property since he was
              denied permit by the Planning Board.   There are flat bed trailers on the property and he is operating a used car business.  He
              is harassing everyone, peeling out of their yard.     Mr. Muller stated that Morin’s are running a chop shop as well there is
              constant activity.  Mr. Parker questioned what he means by a chop shop.   Mr. Muller stated he feels that they are receiving                 
              stolen vehicles.   Everyday the kid drives by his house and revs their car.  Mr. Muller stated he  has requested copies of
              the incident reports from the police department.  There should have been 70-100 incident reports,  he received a handful.    
              Bonnie Muller  stated that Rob got arrested for criminal threatening one day when he vocalized his complaints to the
              neighbors.    Gary Morin swerved his motorcycle at Rob one day when he was getting his mail and tried to hit him, nothing has
              been done about this.  Sunday,   July 18th  Rob  was walking his dog past the  Bussieres driveway, Mr.  Bussiere started
              ranting and raving and told Rob if he didn’t  stop harassing him he was going to kill him.  Officer Cassidy went to the house,              
              On Monday Mr. Muller called the police at 6:15  left a message with dispatch, he called again at 10:15 left a message, the
              Chief finally called him back at 1:30.  Bonnie stated that she met with the chief last evening told him all of this is acting up
              again. Her main concern is that he needs to contact them and keep them updated about what is going on.    Chief gave her his
              word that he is acting on this, he is working on the motorcycle issue the paperwork is with the prosecutor.  Officer Cassidy was
              supposed to visit Mr. Bussieres today.  Their concern is that this is being followed up on by the chief.    Rob Muller stated that
              when he was arrested for criminal threatening he was never read his rights.    He did not threaten anyone.    Mr. Muller stated
              that there is an aquifer in the rear of the Bussieres property and they have a firing range, he feels that conservation should look
              into this.   Bonnie stated that they want to make sure that Chief Kassotis follows through on this.  She feels that Jack Bussiere
              is volatile and that he might do something.    Bonnie stated that she would like to make sure that Mark Sweeney is following
              through on violations.   Mr. Moller stated that Chief told him a year ago that it was a conspiracy that these people had against
              him.   Mr. Moller stated that his civil rights are being violated.   They have entered his property and damaged his house.   
              Bonnie Muller stated that when Rob was arrested they requested incident reports they had to request  this twice and received
              an incomplete report.   Mr. Parker stated that there is not much the Board of Selectmen can get involved in with regard to this
              matter, we will speak with the Chief.                            
***           BUILDING PERMIT
               Richard Whipple (Map 2, Lot 29):   Mrs. Silverman moved to approve the motion was seconded by Ms. Carney, the motion
                passed 3-0.   
                Deborah Hewitt (Map 2, Lot 9-1: Mrs. Silverman moved to approve the motion was seconded by Ms. Carney, the motion
                passed 3-0.   
***           OCCUPANCY PERMIT
                  Luanne Leblanc: Mrs. Silverman moved to approve the motion was seconded by Ms. Carney, the motion
                   passed 3-0.   
                   Melonie Goodrich: Mrs. Silverman moved to approve the motion was seconded by Ms. Carney, the motion
                   passed 3-0.   

***            VENDOR PERMIT:   This is for an auction at  Crossroads warehouse.   The board approved

***             ZONING
  Mrs. Silverman stated that she has a concern with the signs for the farm stand at The Depot store.  He can only have on
  premise signs.   

  Patel violation we should have what was approved for their site plan review.   Anything not on there needs to be removed.   
  Mrs. Carney would like to write a letter to Mr. Patel with a copy to Mr. Dwinell that only signs that have been approved will be
  allowed,  and then we   need do a sign inventory of all businesses.       

 Mr. Parker feels that we should have a folder with all code violations and a place where the board can reference this.  He
 would like to meet with Mark Sweeny once a month for a review of cases.

***           REVIEW POLICE LOG:  Reviewed


***           LETTER FROM SCOTT NICKERSON:   We will contact Mr. Nickerson and let him know we are trying to meet with the
               assessor.  We  will contact him to make an appointment.

***            LAUREL LAKE BEACH TESTING:  reviewed

***            MEETING WITH JOE HOPPOCK SCHEDULED TUESDAY, JULY 27TH AT 9:00 AM:  Ms. Carney stated that she was
                taking photographs in this area yesterday and there is no water there now.    The dam is out of the water.   It is a very long
                dam.     Mr. Parker will speak with Joe Hoppock Thursday and see if we should cancel this meeting.

                TOOLS FOR REDEVELOPMENT – July 22, 2010 at 12:00 pm:
                VIEW PICTURES OF OLSON PROPERTY:   The board would like to contact Molly Kelly with regard to this issue.   Mr.
                 Parker will contact her. Mr. Parker would also like to speak with her with regard to the welcome sign.   Mr. Parker would also
                 like to discuss sidewalks with her.     

***     OIL BID:  Our oil bid has been awarded to Jackson Oil.  When Paula figured our consumption last year it was about 9,000
               gallons a year.  Our  bid specifications was for 16,000 – 18,000 .  Jackson Energy  is questioning if they can sell some of the
               reserved gallons to someone else.   The board would like to reserve 14,000 gallons.

               Brad Decatur would like to look at all furnaces.   The board would like to schedule cleanings notify departments of when
               the cleaning is and they can plan to be there.         

***     WELFARE:    Mr. Parker stated that he is concerned with the amount of time that Mrs. Thompson needs to spend on Welfare.  
               He feels that her workload is getting too heavy.   Mrs. Silverman stated that we used to have a separate welfare officer and
               feels that we should separate out this position.     
***     DEPUTY TAX COLLECTORS HOURS:   Mrs. Wright has told Denise Nolan that since she is going to training in August  she
               is not going to schedule her hours for work in August.    We have a contract with Denise to work during August.    We will write
               a letter to Mrs.  Wright and state that under Mrs. Nolan’s contract it  include hours for August.  The board would like to make
               arrangements to meet with board.     

***           TREASURERS REPORT MONTH OF JUNE:  Reviewed

***           Town hall tower need to be looked at.   Ed talked to Steve Filipi it will be late summer early fall before he can get to the doors
                the public safety building.   Mr. Parker stated he feels that we need to have a building agent.    We will put an ad in the
                newsletter advertising this position.                   

  • Minutes

Mrs. Silverman moved to adjourn at 10:10 pm, the motion was seconded by Mr. Parker the motion passed 3-0.
Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Favreau
Administrative Assistant                                                     
                                                                                                             Thomas Parker, Chmn.                            
                                                                                                               Susan Silverman

                                                                                                              Nancy Carney
                                                                                                              Board of Selectmen       

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