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Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 08/24/10
August 24, 2010

Selectmen Present: Tom Parker, Susan Silverman & Nancy Carney  

Mr. Parker opened the meeting at 7:00 pm


***     SIGN MANIFESTS:   
                reviewed and signed

                Ms. Gillis discussed her role on Master Plan in Richmond.  Richmond is at the point to start maps for their Master Plan.  Ms. Gillis asked if she could use Fitzwilliam’s equipment to create the maps for Richmond.  Would not use Fitzwilliam time (charge or do during her regular work time) but if could make an agreement with Fitzwilliam to use equipment to create maps for Richmond’s Master Plan.  T. Parker indicated that a contract would need to be worked out.  Concern is that this not lead to working for other towns.  Also stated that Fitzwilliam has a large sum invested in the program and training and that some kind of “return” be figured out.  S. Silverman asked how much is the Natural Resource Inventory  maps to be used.  S. Gillis indicated that they will be used in all the Master Plan work and into the future.  N. Carney asked if S. Gillis could come up with a figure to be used in a contract with Richmond; perhaps base it on an hourly rate.  Different ways to estimate costs were discussed.  T. Parker stated that the BOS is not interested in making money on Richmond but does feel that the town be compensated for their equipment usage and personnel expertise (cover some of the expenses that Fitzwilliam has incurred).   S. Silverman asked how much would this cost if Southwest were to do the work.  S. Gillis stated she did not know.  
        How much did the program cost Fitzwilliam and how much would Southwest charge?  Need to know these before can decide either way.  N. Carney would like to review figures before make any decision either way.  More information necessary before can make any decision.

                BOS will meet with Budget Committee members on Thursday 8/26 to review budget to date.  T. Parker said he did not know of any major projects that need to be discussed with the Budget Committee.  BOS needs to contact department heads to see if there are any major projects/increases.  Need to convey that this is going to be another lean year.  T. Parker asked if the BOS should meet at once with all the department heads to discuss COLA, insurance, etc.  S. Silverman and N. Carney both agreed that a meeting and not memos would be a good idea so everyone can hear the same information at once.

***          REVIEW MS-4 DUE SEPTEMBER 1
                State form that indicates the income town will have.  P. Thompson gave the BOS estimates for review.  Land Use Change tax was discussed.  T. Parker stated that perhaps for a time that the amount not be halved with Conservation.  N. Carney asked if this would be for a certain time.  T. Parker said that it could be written as a sunset.  S. Silverman stated she would like to be conservative with the number.  $5000.00 to be listed on Change of Use Tax.  This figure to be edited from what P. Thompson estimated.  Motor Vehicle figures discussed.  Change estimate to $300,000.   Room and Meals figure needed from 2010 before figure can be decided on for 2011 MS-4.   T. Parker to investigate this so figure can be added before MS-4 due.  T. Parker will call DRA about this matter.  T. Parker concerned with Sale of Town Property figure.  S. Silverman indicated perhaps list $25,000.00.  All other figures to remain as estimated.  Form to be completed and signed so Debbie can send out before Sept. 1 due date.
  • Town stipulated hardwired smoke detectors and pumping of septic regularly.  T. Parker made a motion to sign with stipulations.  S. Silverman 2nd.  Motion passed.  Temporary permit signed.
                So little cut with much more to be cut yet equipment wrecked and operations stopped.  If were to cut again would need to refile.

                Neighbor dispute.  T. Parker questions the accuracy of the complaint.  T. Parker suggested to N. Carney and S. Silverman to go by and see changes.  S. Silverman questions if any ordinances were violated.  N. Carney said viewing it then returning and discussing would be a good idea.

               Re: Granite Grill – Sven Greene is requesting a letter from BOS with regard to this
                T. Parker asked if any opposition from BOS.  No opposition form BOS.  Debbie to write a letter next week.

***            LETTER FROM AVITAR
               Re:    Woodbrook
                Questions DRA decision and thought Fitzwilliam should have fought.  Letter to be reviewed by BOS members at their leisure.

        Zumba and strength conditioning in Fitzwilliam at Emerson in contract with Winchendon Clark YMCA.  $50.00 per class.  
N. Carney indicated that this is a better deal because not our employees or insurance yet the classes are still offered to our residence.  Contract signed by BOS.

***            WELFARE WORKSHOP
        Not sure if Debbie wants to attend.  9/16 in Concord.  S. Silverman thinks that we should look for a welfare officer that would hold scheduled hours.  T. Parker agrees.  N. Carney’s concern is that P. Thompson know that this work is not being taken away from her but to help alleviate some of the tasks that she is responsible for.  T. parker stated that P. Thompson estimated that she spent 20 hours/month on average working on Welfare issues.  Need an individual to hold office hours and schedule appointments.  P. Thompson would still be writing letters, food vouchers, and emergency meetings.

                M. Grab believes employees should be receiving holiday pay.  N. Carney said that this has been explained to cemetery.  T. Parker said that cemetery personnel do not have regularly scheduled work hours and the town policy indicates that if you are not regularly scheduled for a day that a holiday falls on you do not receive pay.  Page 11 of 20.  T. Parker stated that cemetery is neither full time or part time, they are seasonal and holiday pay should not even be a consideration.
S. Silverman feels that a letter should be sent to the Cemetery Commissioners explaining the holiday pay policy, as well as what indicates part time (pg 5 of 24)  

***     2011 BUDGET – COL ETC.
                Need to review what Social Security is doing and this information is not yet available.  N. Carney feels that we should get another estimate on health insurance.  Primex rates to be reviewed.  

                All Fitzwilliam permits in, just waiting for DES Shoreline.

                Debbie Favreau would like to attend.  N. Carney to attend also.  9/21 in Manchester, NH

                BOS members to review and decide on attendence.  9/15 series to start (Wed).  Who to attend and will BOS meeting be rescheduled.  Decision to be made at next weeks meeting.

Avitar/sean tour discussed.  Mr. LaValley’s assessment /reduction discussed.  Layout (5%) and under construction (6%) reasons for deduction.  S. Silverman questioned the 5% layout.  Avitar reasons the layout makes it less desirable for 3 apartments.  S. Silverman does not agree with the 5% layout deduction.  Living space is living space, no matter what the layout.  S. Silverman would rather see a 10% under construction deduction and not have the 5% layout deduction.  After discussion board agreed to not allow 5% layout deduction but keep 6% under construction deduction.

Personnel Policy updates and revisions discussed.  Need to complete the revisions on certain policies and get to employees.  Format discussed.  N. Carney would like to see each policy on one page.  Makes it easier when updates are required.

Crossroads assessment discussed.  Overall assessment dropped because of distinguishing warehouse space not finished space.  Also gave a deduction for layout.  If layout changes are to be made building permits will be necessary.  S. Silverman agreed with warehouse change and feels 5% on layout.  N. Carney agrees.

Merriman assessment discussed.  S. Silverman stated that the majority of the house is still unfinished.  T. Parker feels new assessment ok.  Agree

Kesses assessment discussed.  Biggest change A2 to A1 house.  S. Silverman agrees on changes.

Fitzwilliam Inn assessment reviewed.  Lot with just sewage was assessed at $49,200 dropped to $2500.  Main building original assessment $560,100 reduced to $431,000 because of local size reduction 15%.  Building too big(?). T. Parker suggests 10% under construction deduction.  N. Carney feels 10% under construction deduction makes more sense than a 15% size deduction.

***Rescheduled Hazardous Mitigation meeting for Tues 9/7 at 9am

***Debbie to get a copy of Chief Kassotis’ contract to the BOS for review.

***Robin Haynes spoke with S. Silverman about Monadnock Conservancy.  Fitzwilliam needs an additional representative.  May ask one of the two new Conservation Commission members if they were interested.  Also need a new member on Conservation.

  • Minutes
Mrs. Silverman moved to adjourn at 9:10 pm, the motion was seconded by Mr. Parker the motion passed 3-0.
Respectfully submitted,

Heidi L. Wood

                                                                                                             Thomas Parker, Chmn.                            


                                                                                                               Susan Silverman

                                                                                                             Nancy Carney
                                                                                                             Board of Selectmen