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Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 10/13/10
October 13, 2010

Selectmen Present: Tom Parker, Susan Silverman & Nancy Carney

Mr. Parker opened the meeting at 9:00 am



***     10:00 MEET WITH CERTIFIED AMBULANCE GROUP:  Mr. Parker stated that he has questions on where we stand on
               billing.    Mr. Berin from certified ambulance presented a complete billing from 2009.  He suggested sending bills to collections
               for calls who are not town residents.    Mr. Parker stated that he feels the Board of Selectmen need more information on how                
               to determine if the person lives in town or owns property.   Ms. Carney suggested putting in the collections letter to contact the
               Board of Selectmen if they are a Fitzwilliam resident or property owner.   Mrs. Silverman stated that the board needs to
               establish who will be considered a resident.    There is a cost of $11.00 for each account we send to collection.  Mrs.
               Silverman would like the ambulance to have a voter list and assessment list.     Mr. Berin stated that we have the option of
               taking credit card payments.    During 2009, we had 117 billable transports, 4% write off,  we received $63,000, 87% payment

***          SALE OF MAP 42, LOT 01-78:  The board would like to have Joe Hoppock draw up the deed for this sale.

***          ACCEPT RESIGNATION OF SUSAN ROLKE:  Mr. Parker moved to accept this resignation and send a letter of thanks, the
              motion was seconded by Mr. Parker, the motion passed 3-0.

***          REVIEW CODE ENFORCEMENT BUDGET:  This will be submitted to the Budget Committee



             Re: Keith & Terry Gustafson Driveway :  Reviewed
***           LETTER FROM PSNH :  Reviewed
***           REVIEW PLANNING BOARD MINUTES :  Reviewed

***          QUESTIONS OF BUILDING MAP 10, Lot 79-03:   There is a shed on this property.  The owner is questioning if they can
              install a bathroom in this building.  The board determined that they will need to obtain a variance from the Zoning Board of

***           BUDGET:  The board needs to determine if they will be giving a COLA increase                
***           BUILDING PERMITS:  The Board of Selectmen agreed that  the exception to obtaining a building permit for under 50 square
               feet only applies to stand alone buildings.   Any other building requires a permit. The board would like to add to building permit
               instructions that any additions to habitable or non-habitable buildings require a permit.  They would like to add that tent
               garages do not require a permit.  Mrs. Silverman moved to make these changes to the instructions, the motion was seconded
               by Mr. Parker, the motion passed 3-0.   

***           MINUTES:  The board would like to send a memo to boards stating that if the regular secretary is not available,  members of
                the committee should not be required to take the minutes.   We have a list of available substitutes that arrangement should be
                made to cover this.   Every meeting needs to have minutes.   

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Mrs. Silverman moved to adjourn at11:10 am, the motion was seconded by Mr. Parker the motion passed 3-0.
Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Favreau                                                                     
                                                                                                             Thomas Parker, Chmn.                            

                                                                                                             Susan Silverman

                                                                                                              Nancy Carney
                                                                                                             Board of Selectmen

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