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Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 11/09/11
November 9, 2011

Selectmen Present:  Mrs. Silverman, Ms. Carney and Mr. Doerpholz

At 7:00pm, Mrs. Silverman made a motion to convene the meeting, Ms. Carney seconded and motion passed 3-0.


***             SIGN MANIFESTS:  Nancy Carney  made a motion to approve the manifest, the motion was seconded by Brian
                             Doerpholz, the motion passed 3-0.

7:00            DISCUSS ECONOMIC COMMITTEE SURVEY FOR MEETING TONIGHT:   The board reviewed and made a few
                             changes.  Mrs. Silverman moved to approve the survey with the changes, the motion was seconded by Brian
                             Doerpholz, the motion passed 3-0.

7:15            MEET WITH OPEN SPACE COMMITTEE:   Open Space Committee members Paul Kottila, Dorothy Zug, Charlie
                             Massin, Jean Ibelle, Carol Breault, Rick Brackett met with the board.    They submitted the draft of the open space
                             plan.    They have tried to identify the more prominent areas in town for conservation land.   One of the big parts is
                             the implantation strategy, open space wants to be a resource for the community.   Brian Doerpholz thanked the
                             committee for their work he feels this is a very comprehensive report.   His one suggestion was to make note on the
                             maps of certain areas that are featured and the landmarks of where they are.          

  • TRANSFER STATION PUBLIC HEARING 11/16:  Mr. Cuomo feels that C&D fees need to be raised.   Our ordinance states that contractors cannot bring construction debris to the Transfer Station.   Mr. Cuomo stated that we do accept debris from contractors who are doing work in town.   Brian Doerpholz does not feel that we should change this even though we are not enforcing this.   We will add under B 11 to read in Fitzwilliam.    Mr. Cuomo would like to limit contractors to one load a day, we will change the ordinance to read this.   Mr. Cuomo would like to change the fees to $120 for a one ton load of shingles, pickup $75 and ½ pickup $50.   Construction debris we will increase $10 on each load.          
  • 2012 ROAD PROJECTS:   Mr. Cuomo stated that he has a ten year road plan.   He has Rhododendron Road on this plan for 2012.  He does not plan to do this next year.   He does not think he is gong to chip seal next year.  Upper Troy Road needs to be reclaimed and repaved.  He did get some estimates for this.  From the Inn to do a mile, he has gotten an estimate of about $200,000, if they go as far as Curt Hamilton’s it would be about $260,000.    
West Lake Road culvert pipes are full of water.  Mr. Cuomo is going to speak with the Hagstrom’s with regard to this.   

Lower Troy Road:  A State sub contractor plowing the snow dug up the triangle of land.  This is state land.  Mr.  Cuomo will contact DOT to discuss this.                

***             QUESTION FROM 250TH COMMITTEE:  The committee would like to purchase hats for a fundraising.   The board
                             approved this.    

***             DETERMINE 2011 TAX RATE:  The board reviewed the worksheet sent from the State.    The board will use
$150,000 from surplus. Mrs Silverman made a motion to set the tax rate for 2012 at $24.59, Mr. Doerpholz seconded and the motion passed 3-0.   

***             2012 BUDGETS/CIP
  • HEALTH INSURANCE INFORMATION:  The board reviewed the rate difference for plan options.   Brian Doerpholz questioned if she looked into plans with a higher co-pay.  
***             NEWSLETTER ARTICLES – DECEMBER:  Tax rate, rebuilding sand shed, tower repair

***                           DOG COMPLAINT:    James and Brenda Putney and Roland Hamel, Police Chief , Royalston Ma. met with the
                               board.   Mrs. Putney stated that Wendy Otto’s dogs were in her yard again today.   Mrs. Putney stated that Ms. Otto
                               refuses to obey the leash laws.    Mrs. Putney stated that  something needs to be done about this.   She is
                               concerned for the welfare of her animals.   Brian Doerpholz questioned Officer Hamel if they have no proof of the
                               dogs in the yard when they get there if they have any recourse.    Mr. Hamel stated that they legally can’t go across
                               the State line to confiscate the dogs if they are back in New Hampshire.    Mrs. Silverman stated that the Board will
                               look into this matter.    Ms. Carney will speak with Chief Kassotis with regard to this matter to be discussed at next
                               weeks meeting.         

***                           POLICE CHIEF: The board would like to discuss with the Chief next week, feasibility study , training, SOP,
                               Emergency Plan, schedule of Chief

SIGN:   Minutes
REVIEW: Various Committee Minutes

There being no further business, at 9:50pm, Mr. Doerpholz made a motion to adjourn, Mrs. Silverman seconded and the motion passed 3-0.

Submitted by:

Debbie Favreau
Administrative Assistant
                                                                       Susan S. Silverman, Chairman

                                                                        Nancy W. Carney

                                                                        Brian K. Doerpholz
                                                                        Board of Selectmen


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