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Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 01/04/12
January 4, 2012

Selectmen Present:  Mrs. Silverman, Nancy Carney and Mr. Doerpholz

At 7:00pm, Mrs. Silverman made a motion to convene the meeting, Nancy Carney seconded, the motion passed 3-0.


***             SIGN MANIFESTS:  Ms. Carney moved to approve the manifest, the motion was seconded by Brian Doerpholz, the
                             motion passed 3-0.

                             Budget:  Mrs. Silverman stated that the board has recommended some cuts to the police proposed budget, we have
                             changed part time salaries to  $44,000, on call $1000 overtime $9000, advertising $100, vehicle
                             repair $2000, meetings and conferences $600, training $75,  which is a reduction of $10,410.   Mrs. Silverman
                             questioned what the amount of $2000 for tires is since he budgeted last year.  Chief  Kassotis stated that he
                             purchases tires each year.    Chief Kassotis stated that he feels that the budget he presented is needed to run the
                             department.   Mrs. Silverman stated that there was about $20,000 left in his budget this year.   Chief Kassotis stated
                             that he went over in overtime this year, the only way to cut this is to not have coverage on holidays.    Brian
                             Doerpholz stated that the budget committee’s figures are very similar to the Board of Selectmen in the cuts they
                             made at last weeks meeting.               

                            Chief Kassotis stated that the county is putting together for a grant for a repeater.    

                            Mrs. Silverman stated that she would like to meet with the Chief on January 18th to discuss his list of goals for the

                            Chief Kassotis stated that the Expedition is at Stan’s for repairs and should be completed by next week.     

                               At 7:20pm Mrs. Silverman made a motion to go into non-public session,  Mr. Doerpholz seconded and the motion
                             passed 3-0.  Roll Call vote: Mrs. Silverman – yes,   Mr. Doerpholz – yes, Ms-Carney – yes
                                At 8:00pm, Mrs. Silverman made a motion to leave non-public session and seal the minutes, Mr. Doerpholz
                             seconded and the motion passed 3-0.  Roll Call vote:  Mrs. Silverman-yes,  Mr. Doerpholz – yes, Ms. Carney - yes

***             RADIO GRANT – COUNTY – APPROVED:

***             ROAD AGENT REQUEST TO CARRY FORWARD VACATION TIME:  Mrs. Silverman moved to approve carrying
                             forward vacation time, the motion was seconded by  Brian Doerpholz, the motion passed 3-0.

***             LETTER FROM RESIDENT REGARDING ASSESSMENT:  we will write a letter of response.

***             REVISED DRAFT OF MOU WITH VFW AND MEMO TO VFW COMMANDER:  The board will review

***             CAG COLLECTION PROGRAM:  Ms. Carney stated that they have a form that they sign which indicates if they are
                             a Fitzwilliam resident or not when they submit the paperwork.     We will continue to review the list prior to starting

***             VETERANS WIDOW CREDIT APPLICATION:   This applicant does not qualify.  



***             AMBULANCE DONATION: Mrs. Silverman moved to accept, the motion was seconded by Brian Doerpholz, the
                             motion passed 3-0.

***             BAILEY’S JUNKYARD LICENSE RENEWAL:  Ms. Carney moved to approve, the motion was seconded by
                             Brian Doerpholz, the motion passed 3-0  

***             UPDATE ON PELKEY ENFORCEMENT :  Joe Hoppock and Mark Sweeney met the Pelkey’s attorney at the
                             property.  They are more than 75’ from the water, less than 100 .   There is a woodstove in the addition.  It is three
                             sided since it abuts the trailer,  therefore it cannot be a stand alone structure.         

***             2012 BUDGET WORK:  The board reviewed  the budget worksheet
***             MEETING WITH BUDGET COMMITTEE – CHANGE TO 1/19?:  The board is going to request they change this
                             meeting to January 19th.  

***                        PLANNING BOARD:  Ms. Carney stated that there was a question at the public hearing if there are any fines for
                            commercial buildings.  Also there was discussion on the range of value for single family homes  without a
                            permit, should it just be a set figure.   

SIGN:   Minutes
REVIEW: Various Committee Minutes


        There being no further business, at 9:45 pm, Mr. Doerpholz made a motion to adjourn, Mrs. Silverman seconded and the motion passed 3-0.

Submitted by:

Debbie Favreau
Administrative Assistant

                                                                                                                  Susan S. Silverman, Chairman

                                                                                                                   Nancy Carney
                                                                                                                    Brian Doerpholz
                                                                                                                    Board of Selectmen


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