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Conservation Commission Minutes 03/22/04
Town of Fitzwilliam
Minutes of the Conservation Committee

Date: 03/22/04
Time Meeting Opened: 7:30 p.m. Paul Kotila convening the meeting.

Members Present: Barbara Green, Paul Kotila, Jeanne Sable, Katie Metzger, Chuck Roth, Carmen Yon

Guests Present: George Patten, Sherry Walters, Daniel Codispoti

Minutes of Previous Meeting: dated 2/23/04—Motion to approve by Barbara, Seconded, Paul. Approved.

Agenda Items:
1.      George Patten—E. Lake Road/ Laurel Lake building expansion—Mr. Patten stated that his wife owns a piece of property on Laurel Lake where they are seeking a special exception to replace and expand the existing building. He believed that the state had changed the angle and elevation of the road, bringing it four feet from the property. He stated that snow and road salt had destroyed the foundation. He sought our opinion of how the state would respond to his request that they move and lower the culvert so that the new construction would not be damaged. He hopes to add sand to a 12-foot section of the shoreline of the lot, amounting to about 2 yards of fill. The Commission replied that East Lake Road is a town road, so the culvert request would not likely involve the state unless it related to the lake.  Mr. Patten said he understood he needs to go to the Planning Board. We suggested he also speak to the selectmen and Road Agent, and contact DES about any lake issues.
2.  Newcomer’s Handbook—Jeanne—The draft was discussed. Paul suggested we include web addresses with contact info wherever possible. Missing information was filled in at the end of the draft and minor changes made. Barbara will email Jeanne the boating regulations. Other members will add any other missing info they may have. It was agreed that we should create two documents—One the inclusive version based on this draft, and a second condensed version made to fit in the newsletter. The Commission will help condense the document once all changes are made.
3. Natural Resources Workshop—Eleanor—absent. Jeanne has scheduled the meeting for 29 March, 7-9:30 p.m. in the new meeting room at the library. Announcements have gone out to several interested out-of-town board members and the selectmen’s office. Jeanne will email the Planning Board.  

1.      Prime Wetlands—Rosalind  & Fred absent.
2.      Groundwater Protection Plan follow-up—Eleanor absent.
3.      Signs—Fred absent. Selectmen have requested wording for the signs ordered.
4.      Budget Update—Operating budget approved was $2,800. Land Use Fund contains $18,500.
5.      Planning Board report—Carmen – Seppala case was postponed to April 6 due to weather. Elderly housing subdivision was approved.
6.      Hazard Mitigation Team—Barbara —This is a 6-month project by SWRPC to prepare the town to request funds from FEMA, aimed at preventing natural hazards such as flooding. The group, including eight townspeople, meets monthly. Win Wright is chair.  They are currently trying to determine possible hazards.
7.      Town Meeting follow-up & planning—We are pleased and appreciative of the town’s support of our article to increase our share of the Land Use Change Tax to 50 percent from the previous 25 percent. Chuck presented a map with colored sections noting important areas we might consider adding to conservation land. Paul suggested we also look into what land abuts the designated properties across town borders.  Chuck will get more maps from Margo.
Unfinished Business:

Hazardous Waste Cleanup grants:  Eleanor absent.

Town Land Gift:  Map 35, Lot 6, from David and Elaine Love of Sutton, Mass. Need to determine location on map.

Groundwater Protection Plan —Eleanor absent.

Maps— Need to organize and store maps in Margo’s office.

Follow-up to Site Walks
Nickerson—Jeanne: Project still on hold.
Elderly Housing  Rte. 12—Katie—Project in progress.

Bowker Pond island protection— No discussion  

Regulation for septage/sludge/biosolids—No discussion.


Workshop—Saving Special Places 2004. Saturday, April 17, in Weare. 8:30-4 p.m.
Award—Member Chuck Roth has been awarded the John Burroughs award for his book, Keeping a Nature Journal, 2nd edition. The John Burroughs Association publicly recognizes well written and illustrated natural history publications. Each year a medal is awarded to the author of a distinguished book of natural history during the annual meeting of the Association on the first Monday of April.
Katie will be resigning her post as regular member and turning it over to Carmen. She will stay on as an alternate.
Draft of minutes posted and/or sent out to members: 03/24/04
Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 p.m. Motion by Paul. Seconded by Barbara. Unan.
Minutes sent to Selectmen’s Office: 4/29/04
Next Meeting date: April 26, 2004.  Paul will chair.

Signed: Jeanne Sable,

13 Templeton Turnpike, PO Box 725 Fitzwilliam, NH 03447
Phone: 603.585.7723   Fax: 603.585.7744
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