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Historic District Minutes 10/13/11
Historic District Commission
Public Meeting
October 13, 2011

Members attending:  John Fitzwilliam, Jean Camden, Bill Davis, Helen Collins and Nancy Carney, Selectmen’s representative.      
CTO: 4:00 PM

Jean Camden recused herself from the first case.

Jean Camden application to replace a greenhouse with an addition on home located at 47 Templeton Turnpike, Map 11, Lot 43, Residential District and Historic Districts.

Ms. Camden and Kerry Gagne, builder, presented the plans for the addition.  Mr. Gagne described the construction as removing the attached greenhouse, which is unsafe.  The 16 X 16 foot enclosed addition will be in the same footprint as the greenhouse.  The exterior siding, windows, roofing and cornice work will mirror the existing house as it has been renovated.

Collins noted it looks really nice and Davis agreed, saying it will make the house look better. Fitzwilliam agreed. Davis moved, Collins seconded and the Commissioners voted to approve the application as presented.

Ilene Weinzimmer application to replace existing roof with a standing seam roof on property located at 17 Upper Troy Road, Map 9, Lot 5, Residential and Historic Districts.

Camden was seated for this case.

Kerry Gagne explained that Ms. Weinzimmer has struggled for years with water leakages due to ice and snow build-up on her existing roof.  She would like a standing seam roof installed. This roof will last a lifetime, he said.  The finish alone has a 50 year life.

Fitzwilliam noted that the Wicklund and Wilkinson houses or sheds have standing seam roofs so there is a historic precedence in town for that kind of roof.  There are many in Vermont as well – the harsh climate makes this necessary.  He admitted to being opposed to this kind of roof initially, but understands the need in light of the history of ice damage to this structure and the historic precedence he sees in town.

Mr. Gagne noted that the Hancock house has a standing seam roof and this type of roof is also in keeping with a Greek Revival structure. He showed pictures of Greek Revival homes with metal roofs in a book entitled American Homes.

Davis said he likes standing seam roofs.  Commissioners agreed the decision hinges on the color of the roof.  Ms. Weinzimmer said she prefers a shade of gray, similar to the color of her roof now.  Davis moved, Camden seconded and the Commissioners voted to approve the application as presented.

Minutes.  Commissioners reviewed the August 11, 2011 minutes, with updates noted on 8/12/11 and 8/16/11.  Davis moved, Fitzwilliam seconded and the Commissioners approved the minutes as written.

At the request of the Board of Selectmen, Commissioners considered the offer of volunteers to paint the fencing on the Common. Commissioners agreed it needs to be painted and that they support the efforts of a group of volunteers gathered by Bill Davis to do the work in the spring when the temperature is right for painting.  Carney said the Town will buy the paint and other supplies for the job.

Davis will bring about 30 volunteers to join volunteers from Fitzwilliam in what he believes will be a one day venture to scrape, prime and paint the fencing around the Common.  He will be in charge of the effort.  John Fitzwilliam will talk with Carol Beckwith and other local people who have volunteered to paint as well.

The meeting adjourned at 4:45 PM.

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