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Planning Board Minutes 10/04/11
Town of Fitzwilliam
Planning Board Meeting
October 4, 2011
Members present: Terry Silverman, Rick Brackett, Paul Haynes-Alternate for Robin Blais, Mac Landy, and Nancy Carney, Selectmen’s representative.
Call to Order: 7:05 PM

Silverman seated Haynes for Blais.

7:00 PM         Preliminary consultation: William Nagel to discuss using his home located at 642 Route 119 W as a satellite office of New England Woodworking, with a home office located in Rhode Island; Map 10, Lot 23-2, Rural District.

Mr. Nagel called late this afternoon and cancelled this appointment, rescheduling to October 18th at 7:30 PM.

7:15 PM Preliminary consultation:  Alan Pinheiro to discuss opening a coin shop in the office section of the building located at the intersection of Jaffrey Road and NH Route 12 N, Map 34, Lot 9, General Business District.

Mr. Pinheiro plans to open a coin shop in the office section of the Holumbo building.  Silverman noted this was a retail use and under 127-11A it is an allowed use in the general business district.

Silverman asked if the space had smoke and fire alarms.  Mr. Pinheiro did not know.  He said it has lights, electric heat and air conditioning.  He plans to clean the place up but does not plan to do any other interior work.  He plans to have a sign on the side of the building and was directed to the Selectmen for a permit.  He plans to be open M/W/F from 1-5 PM and by appointment other times.

The parking lot has ambient light from Mr. Mike’s and a street light on the corner.  There is a light over the office/shop entry door.

Silverman directed him to the Selectmen for a sign permit, and occupancy permit and to insure compliance with any fire safety regulations.

It was a consensus of the Board that he is allowed to open and operate this business.

Minutes.  Landy moved, Haynes seconded and the Board approved the minutes of the September 20, 2011 meeting as written.

Master Plan.  This revision of the master plan will be published in the 250th anniversary year for Fitzwilliam. To spark interest in its being more widely distributed and read, it seems appropriate to have a graphic designer layout the publication, rather than laying it out in-house as a Word document.  Since much of the revision was done in-house, with consultant services used for only two chapters, there are funds available to do some professional design work.  Silverman said he preferred to invite several designers to give estimates for graphic design services for the Master Plan.  An request for services will be placed in the November issue of the Fitzwilliam Newsletter and in the Keene Sentinel.  Services needed are for design of the master plan publication and for an executive summary brochure, featuring goals and recommendations for the upcoming decade.

The Board discussed the Vision Statement and Introduction sections and made suggestions for arrangement of these sections.  When changes are incorporated, the whole document will be copied so Board members can review it all for flow, prior to a public hearing.

Zoning changes.  The Board reviewed a suggestion to address seasonal conversion of residential uses from seasonal use to full time use.  The basic use does not change, since both are residential uses, but the impact of the use itself is magnified by being a full time rather than seasonal use.  The discussion included how the use was to be managed; by the Board of Selectmen through building permit and code enforcement, by Planning Board through conditional use permit, or by the Zoning Board of Adjustment through special exception?  There are issues involved that could be addressed by each board.  The Board will redraft this proposal prior to holding hearings on all proposed ordinance changes.

The Board adjourned at 8:05 PM.

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