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Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 05/14/03
May 14, 2003

Selectmen Present:  Mrs. Knight and Mr. Clukey
Absent:  Mrs. Silverman

At 7:00 Mr. Clukey convened the meeting.  


***     DISCUSS REQUEST FROM VILLAGE WATER DISTRICT TO REVAMP PIPE IN THE TOWN HALL:  Mr. Bequaert would like to punch a hole through the foundation of the Town Hall on the parking lot side.  They would like to lay a second pipe.  This would allow for them to pump the Town Hall water to be purified and back to the Town Hall.  The board agreed to this.    

                           At 7:05pm, Mr. Clukey made a motion to go into Non-Public Session
                        under RSA 91 A:3 II  (a). Mrs. Knight seconded the motion. The  
                        motion passed 2-0.  Roll  Call Vote;  Mr. Clukey – yes, Mrs. Knight – yes.
                          At 7:15pm. Mr. Clukey made a motion to go out of Non-Public Session
                        under RSA 91 A:3 II  (a). Mrs. Knight seconded the motion. The
                        motion passed 2-0.

***     REVIEW AND DISCUSS DISCRETIONARY PRESERVATION EASEMENT APPLICATIONS:  We have to make a decision on these applications by June 15, 2003.   Mrs. Thompson suggested that the board do a drive by inspection of these properties.  Mrs. Thompson spoke with Attorney Prigge to determine the cost of the easement.  He feels that we need two things, a document that describes the easement and a document that describes the terms.  This would be the creation of two templates.   He feels that we would need to determine a fair application fee to produce these documents.  The board will schedule an inspection of these properties at 7:00 next Wednesday evening.      

***     DISCUSS SPRINKLER PROJECT STATUS:  Mr. Cuomo has done some calculation and he has determined that there will be enough water in the pond to support the sprinkler system.   Mr. Cuomo spoke with Nick Criscenti and he stated that he needed 8’ of water in the manhole.  We will need about 16’ of concrete.  When Mrs. Thompson spoke with the engineer yesterday they are saying the shaft iS 17’ 10 “ which is longer than the manhole.  19’5” is the minimum they would need.  Mr. Cuomo has a call in to the engineer to discuss this matter.  If we have to put the manhole deeper, it will cost more with Park Construction and we will also have to order an additional manhole.  The other option would be to move the pump house down further on the lot, which has a lower elevation.  The other issue is the construction of the pump house building.  Mr. Clukey feels that we should consider a concrete house.             

***     DISCUSS PROPERTIES ELEGIBLE FOR TAX DEEDING:  There are some Woodbrook properties that we will not tax deed.   There is a camp in Whites Grove.  We will notice Ann Pelkey that we will be adding the assessment for this cabin to here property since she is the landowner.  Map 25, 01-B.  There are other lots in Woodbrook  (42, 02-09),( 42, 01-83),( 42, 01-15),(42, 2-71), (42,1-11), which we will not tax deed.  One of the parcels is the old freight shed owned by three people.  One of the three people pay the taxes, therefor we cannot take this for tax deed.  The board will write to the other two people and question if they will deed their portion to the other party.
                        One of the lots is Phil Dickenson Map 04, Lot 40 we will not take this for tax deed.  Edward and Cheryl Davis land.  He has declared bankruptcy.  Mrs. Wright is working on this with Bill Prigge. She would like Attorney Prigge to write a letter to the bankruptcy court.    Map 03, Lot 37 is vacant land.  The board would like to issue a tax deed on this property.  Mrs. Wright will contact Mr. Baldwin and let him know that if he does not pay this it will be taken for tax deed.     Aunie Mattson is in a nursing home.  The State has an elderly lien on this property.  We will wait on this property.     William and Ruth Murphy Daley Road.  Mrs. Wright will contact the Murphey’s to determine if they will be making payment.  

                         Mrs. Wright stated that she had a problem with a property and a mailing
                         address.  The board suggested requesting changes of address in writing so
                         that a copy could be put in their map and lot file.   


·       Re:  Woodbrook petition to quiet title:  Reviewed
·       Moving ahead on deed for donated land:  Reviewed

***     DISCUSS COMPLAINT REGARDING SPEEDING VEHICLES ON EAST LAKE ROAD:  We have received a complaint with regard to speeding on this road.  We will pass this on to Chief Newton we will write a letter to Mr. Thompson stating that we have asked the Chief to look into this.  We would also like to request Chief Newton place the speed board on this road.    


***     DISCUSS RECREATION IDEA TO FUND RAISE FOR BENCHES:  The recreation department would like to have benches in the field.  They would like to purchase these benches through fundraising efforts.  The board agreed.



·       Various committee/board minutes
·       Newsletters
·       Review Police logs/reports

·       Minutes
·       Correspondence
·       Payroll and Accounts Payable Manifests

There being no further business, at 8:40pm Mr. Clukey made a motion to adjourn.  Mrs. Knight seconded and the motion passed 2-0.

Submitted by:

Debbie Favreau                                  
Administrative Assistant                                        

Andrew D. Clukey, Chairman
Susan Silverman   
Joan Knight
Board of Selectmen

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