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Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 12/15/04
December 15, 2004

Selectmen Present:   Mrs. Silverman, Mr. Clukey, and Mrs. Knight

Mrs. Knight convened the meeting at 9:00am.  


·       Discuss land donation:   Mr. Bequaert stated that he owns lot 44.  He would like to even the lot out and give the dogleg portion of this lot to the town.  Mr. Bequaert stated that he thinks they own the dam on the pond behind the library.  Mrs. Silverman questioned if he had a survey of this property.  Mr. Bequaert stated that he did not.    Mrs. Silverman questioned why he wished to do this.  Mr. Bequaert stated that they want to make sure that this is preserved as undeveloped land.  Mrs. Silverman stated that she is not sure how she feels about this.  Mrs. Silverman questioned if there is water lines on this portion of the lot.  Mr. Bequaert stated that there is, part of the deal would be that the water district have access.     

·       Discuss 2005 capital projects and capital reserves:  Carmen Yon and George Chapman met with the board.  Mrs. Silverman thanked the committee for all of the work that was put into this project.  Carmen Yon stated that the package submitted this evening is for Capital Projects for this year.  
·       The first is for a partial revaluation.  They have assigned this a degree of urgent, they are recommending funding of $50,000.  
·       They are recommending $18,000 for the Vision Software Upgrade.  
·       $150,000 for the repair of roads.  They feel that this should be increased by $5000 for 2006
·       Dump Truck for the Highway Department in the amount of $110,000.  
·       Transfer Station $10,000 for repave drive and build retaining wall
·       $32,000 for a Police Cruiser
·       $16,000 for repairs to the Pole Barn.  They are proposing setting up an expendable trust for major maintenance issues for all town buildings
·       Fire Department $40,000 for maintenance of building.
·       Cemetery $8600 for fencing.  

                        Expendable Trust
Town Hall Painting add $20,000
Ballfield add $20,000
Establish a Conservation Land Expendable Trust in the amount of $15,000
Establish a Capital Reserve for Planning Board Master Plan in the amount of $6000
Public Safety Building in the amount of $30,000, there has to be a specific plan in order to move this forward
Fire Department Capital Reserve addition of $50,000, the Fire Department needs to prioritize the replacement of vehicles based upon need.   Mr. Yon stated that he does not feel that they always need to purchase new vehicles.
 Fire Department Capital Reserve for equipment, they are recommending adding $15,000.
Transfer Station Capital Reserve for the purchase of a fork lift in the amount of $2500
Ambulance Capital Reserve in the amount of $25,000

            Mrs. Silverman questioned what strategy they would recommend if the board feels that this is                 
             too much.  She questioned if we should scale back the amount being put into an expendable
             trust.     Mrs. Thompson stated that she would like to put something into the town report with  
             regard to this information.  Mrs. Silverman feels that the CIP Committee needs to give an
             overview of this to the Budget Committee at the budget hearing.       

·       Discuss 2005 budget:   Librarian Susan Massin,  trustees Rita Nirenberg, and Alwyn Quick met with the board.  Mrs. Massin submitted a revised budget.  She has changed the amount budgeted for health insurance.  She will be changing to a two family plan.  The electricity bill has been much higher than expected.  She has increased repairs and maintenance due to the number of inspections  that are required for all of their systems.   The Library submitted three articles for Capital Request.  One is for the amount of $6,600 to paint the original library, one is for $4,000 for the repair of the roof of the original library and one is for $10,000 for Capital Reserve for replacing windows.    Mr. Quick stated that replacing the windows would save a large amount in heating and cooling costs.  Mrs. Massin stated that the estimated cost is around $30,000 for this project.  Mr. Quick stated he feels that this is too low.     Mrs. Silverman questioned if this is different then what was submitted to the CIP Committee.  Mrs. Massin stated that this is, they were not aware of this project at that time.   The CIP they submitted was for painting the library.  Mrs. Knight stated that the CIP committee did not include this project in their plan this year.  Mrs. Knight questioned which of the submitted projects they feel should be done this year?  Mrs. Massin stated the roofing.             
***                 TEMPLETON TURNPIKE BRIDGE UPDATE:  The work is progressing and should be finished tomorrow.

***     REVIEW LETTER FROM CHARLIE KOCH:  This is for the current use assessment worksheet.     He is projecting the overall percent of error at 1%.  

***     DISCUSS REQUISITION FROM JANE WRIGHT, TOWN CLERK:  This is for preserving and binding records.     Mrs. Knight moved to approve, Mr. Clukey seconded, the motion passed 3-0.

***     DISCUSS REVIEW OF HAZARDOUS MITIGATION PLAN BY FEMA:  Our plan was rejected by FEMA.  Mrs. Thompson spoke with Eric Twarg, he submitted our plan and Marlborough’s at the same time.  Theirs was approved ours was not.  He is meeting with FEMA on January 6, 2005 and discussing why ours was rejected.    

***     DISCUSS IN-STREET PEDESTRIAN CROSSING DEVICES:  Mrs. Thompson questioned if they would like one at Fleur Dis Lis, the board does not feel that this is necessary.  



***     REVIEW SAU #38 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING AND PROPOSED BUDGET:  Reviewed.  Mrs. Thompson stated that there are two budgets, the operating and a collaborative budget.  Mrs. Thompson is waiting for additional information from The SAU office.  Mrs. Silverman feels that the board should write a letter to the SAU asking specific questions with regard to this budget, with a copy to other towns.           


***                  EQUALIZATION REPORT:  Mrs.  Thompson has done a preliminary sales study.  The  projected ratio is 70.8%.   Mrs. Silverman stated that we need to come up with a way to graphically explain to people the implications of this.  

·       Various committee/board minutes
·       Newsletters
·       Review Police logs/reports

·       Minutes
·       Correspondence
·       Payroll and Accounts Payable Manifests

There being no further business, at 9:13 PM Mr. Clukey made a motion to adjourn.  Mrs. Knight seconded and the motion passed 3-0.

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