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Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 03/15/06
March 15, 2006

Selectmen Present:  Mrs. Silverman, Mrs. Knight  and Mr. Clukey

Mrs. Silverman convened the meeting at 7:00pm.  


***             DISCUSS EMAIL FROM RESIDENT AND DRAFTED RESPONSE:  This individual was having  
                          furniture delivered.  The driver  was driving up East Lake Road and was told by someone that he
                         could not go up the road.   He went to the Police Department and they radioed the highway department.  
                         They were given permission to deliver the furniture.

***             REVIEW INVOICE FROM DILUZIO AMBULANCE SERVICE:  We have an invoice in the amount of
                         $1925.  This is for April through September.  Mrs. Thompson will contact DiLuzio and ask that they send
                         the bill at the end of the 90 day collection period.

***             AWARDED EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT GRANT FROM STATE:  We have received an Emergency
                         Management Grant from the State in the amount of $1915.  This is 50% of what we applied for.  This
                         is to update the Emergency Management Plan.  

***             APPOINT AT LARGE MEMBER FOR AMBULANCE COMMITTEE:  Mr. Clukey moved to appoint Cindy
                         Cunningham as a member of the Ambulance Committee, the motion was seconded by Mrs. Silverman,
                         the motion passed 3-0.   We will notify all members of this committee and determine a date to schedule a

***             TOWN CLERK TAX COLLECTOR TAKING VACATION:  Mrs. Wright will be on vacation the week of
                          April 3-7

                         cluster development.  Mrs. Silverman feels that the new board should review this and determine if they
                         wish to make any comment.  

***     DISCUSS TAX MAP 7 LOT 16 – HAS ENGINEER LETTER STATING PROPERTY CAN NOT SUPPORT A SEPTIC SYSTEM:  We discovered a few years ago that we had been assessing his two separate lots as one lot.  We have since corrected this.  They tried to get a septic system designed for this lot and they cannot obtain a permit.  Mrs. Silverman would like the state to verify that he cannot obtain a permit.  

****                    Mr. Clukey made a motion to appoint Jane Wright as Tax Collector, the motion was seconded by Mrs. Knight, the motion passed 3-0.

***                      Mrs. Silverman wants to make sure that the ZBA take a hard look at the Bourassa case.         

                                                                     Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes
                                                                                   March 15, 2006

·       Various committee/board minutes
·       Newsletters
·       Review Police logs/reports

·       Minutes
·       Correspondence
·       Payroll and Accounts Payable Manifests

There being no further business, at 7:50 PM Mrs. Knight made a motion to adjourn.  Mr. Clukey seconded and the motion passed 3-0.

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