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Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 03/02/11
March 2, 2011

Selectmen Present: Tom Parker, Susan Silverman & Nancy Carney  

Mr. Parker opened the meeting at 7:45 pm


***             SIGN MANIFESTS:

7:45            MEET WITH RICHARD DREW
  • DISCUSS MODIFICATION TO SURVEY AGREEMENT:  Dick Drew stated that he has been surveying the town property he had a contract to survey certain parcels of land for the price of $2550.   As he started conducting the survey he has discovered that we own additional land that he did not include in the original contract.   His contract was based upon a much smaller scope of work.   He is submitting a new contract for an additional $3,000.   Mrs. Silverman stated that she does not feel that we need to include the lot that is mostly wetlands.  Mr. Drew questioned what the board feels they can offer for an additional for the additional land.  Mr. Parker stated $4,000 for the total contract.   Mr. Drew stated that he will give an addendum for the contract.   
8:00            MEET WITH JANE WRIGHT, TAX COLLECTOR:  Mrs. Wright questioned if she can advertise the position for
                             Deputy Tax Collector in the Sentinel.    This position will be advertised for $12.43 an hour for six hours.   Mrs. Wright
                             stated that she has a trip planned  for the first week of May.   She questioned if she could ask another deputy tax
                             collector from another town  to cover  this time.   Mr. Parker stated that we would have to hire them on a contract
                             basis.   Mr. Parker stated that we would need to make sure they are covered by a bond from the other town.          

***             DISCUSS PARTICIPATION WITH STATEWIDE MOSAIC PARCEL MAPPING:   They are trying to get assessment
                             and tax map data into one data base.     

***             LETTER FROM CHIEF KASSOTIS:  Mr. Parker stated that the schedule shows  the Chief on a  four day schedule.   
                             It also indicates he was gone for training.   The board is not aware of any of these changes.   Mr. Parker feels that a
                             letter should be sent  to Chief Kassotis with regard to this.    Mr. Parker stated  that we pay the regular holiday pay
                             and time and half if an officer works on the holiday.   He feels that we should eliminate the holiday pay.           

***             REQUEST FOR BUILDING PERMIT EXTENSION – MAP 04 LOT 43-01:  Mrs. Thompson  stated that last year Mr.
                            Olson damaged the road, the chief and Gene went down to estimate the damage it was around $200, this was never
                            followed up on,  the board will not extend this permit unless he pays  for the road damages.    

***             SIGN OFF ON SEPTIC PLANS
  • 19 PERRY ROAD:  Mrs. Silverman moved to approve conditional upon the easement be included  
  • 51 ROUTE 12 NORTH: Mrs. Silverman moved to approve, the motion was seconded by Ms. Carney the motion passed 3-0.  

***                         ABATEMENT APPLICATION:   We received an abatement application from Mr. Teras.  This was received today, the
                             deadline for submission was March 1.  The abatement was turned down by the town and the BTLA last year.  Mr.
                             Parker feels this should be denied due to a day late and no additional information.   

***                         MEMORANDUM OF UNDSTANDING:    Recreation and access program.    They needed to determine the cost of
                             the summer program.     The board is okay with a link to the website since we are working on a collaborative project
                             with them.     Mr. Parker moved to authorize Julie Green to sign this, the motion was seconded by Mrs. Silverman,
                             the motion passed 3-0.

SIGN:   Minutes


Mrs. Silverman moved to adjourn at 9:25 pm, the motion was seconded by Mr. Parker the motion passed 3-0.
Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Favreau
Administrative Assistant                                                                        _________________________
                                                                                                             Thomas Parker, Chmn.                            
                                                                                                               Susan Silverman

                                                                                                              Nancy Carney
                                                                                                              Board of Selectmen       

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